Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Facebook Promoting

I just wanted to warn everyone about promoting through Facebook's "wonderful" Promote option. One of our fans had talked once before about how groups sell all these new "likes" or "fans". He had even posted a video about it, which is on youtube and linked HERE. I do have a couple of screen shots to show you because apparently Facebook is also guilty of doing this also. One of our fans decided to promote one of their products (big mistake). This vendor markets to the US and Canada ONLY. That is what is set on the page's settings. Strange thing is that all the fans created from the promotion came from Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, etc. How does that happen when your settings clearly say US and Canada ONLY?? Don't you just love Facebook??

Vendor's name and logo have been removed to protect the vendor from any possible backlash from Facebook.

My advice is to use the Promote button only if absolutely necessary. Word of mouth is a much better way to promote your business than fake fans any day!

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