Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another Good Page Gone Bad? You decide

Okay, so SAP closed down and in its wake, I had two fans come to me with worries about another page with an even larger fan base who was having questionable giveaways. The page in question is Couponing4You. The questionable giveaways that were submitted were the ones in the screen shot below. There may, of course, be more but these were the ones that were investigated.

I will go in order by their dates.

Darius Turner - most likely a fake profile. It definitely has a fake profile picture as it is the "Successful Black Man" image from "Know Your Meme." See both below.

Next we have Gail Matthews which is most likely a fake profile because she joined Facebook on November 21, just prior to liking the page and starting to win prizes. (Sounds a lot like the old SAP page, doesn't it?)

Daria Wayman is our next winner. What can we say about Daria that Beavis and Butt-head didn't already say? Yes, that's right. Daria is a fake profile based on character, Daria Morgendorffer, from MTV series Daria that was a spin-off from Beavis and Butt-head, where she was a recurring character.

Next is Peggy Huff. She is NOT a fake profile. However, she is friends with Samantha Brown, owner/operator of Couponing4You. Conflict of interest?

Marla Dugan is up next. She appears to have a fake profile also, despite having a profile for almost 2 years. She only just added a profile pic on December 5th and has all the way to 11 friends (both are red flags for a fake profile). One of her friends is (drumroll please) ~ Samantha Brown.

Last up is Alana Brower and the disqualified Adam Kaarstad. This is where things become very, very interesting. It is also where Couponing4You looks really guilty. This is a cropped version of the announcement of the Leap Pad winner on the blog on December 6th. Make note of the icon because it will come up again shortly (it's the profile pic Alana was using on Facebook ~ that's where the comment was cut and pasted from for the blog).

On December 7th, there was a drawing for a Kindle Fire. "Adam Kaarstad" was announced as the winner originally.

There was a lot of controversy over Adam's win. The picture used on Adam's profile is that of a deceased child named Adam Litteken. People were outraged over it. There really was no choice but to disqualify "Adam" and pick a new winner.

Here is where things are strange, however. Now remember that I told you to make note of Alana's icon (profile picture) earlier because it would come up again? Here is where it will. First, make note that "Adam" is listed on his profile above as female. Failed to change the gender when changing the name and profile pic!

Note on the profile pics above that the picture used prior to that of the deceased Adam Litteken is the same picture used by Alana Brower as her profile picture. Of course, if you look at the URL on the profile, it lists JennCastric, so this person really has some identity issues! Anyway, here is the most damning evidence of all.

This was a post on the Couponing4You page of ALANA saying thank you when she won the Leap Pad. However, when she changed her profile to Adam's profile, her thank you changed to his profile too, of course. (Isn't Facebook lovely like that?) Well, when Couponing4You realized it, they immediately removed the entire post! Guilty much??

The only other thing I have to add to all of this is concerning their fans who came to my page to defend them before I ever said the name of the page I was investigating. Again...guilty much? The fans were saying things about repeatedly winning on the Couponing4You page. That's lovely, but if THOUSANDS are entering these giveaways, why are the same people winning REPEATEDLY?? You decide.

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