Imitation is the best form of flattery...or is it?

# - Page has been removed by owner or Facebook or is unable to be found (the same applies to any dead links) Email me if you want to update me with new links for any on the list.

Ani's Bows - owner Leslie Cross Spells and "temporary co-admin" Caitlin Stewart - Leslie supposed added Caitlin as a co-admin on her page to help out during busy times. Caitlin purchased bows in online auctions from other vendors then reposted their pics, removing their watermarks and adding the Ani's Bows watermark instead. This made it appear that the bows were made by Leslie, as there was no mention of a co-admin or partner anywhere on the page. This discovery only came about after they were called out about the bows in a group. The bows known to have been purchased by Caitlin were quickly removed from the Ani's Bows page. Buyer (and seller) beware!

Babs Bowtique - (also Pixie Dust Creations and Babs BOWtique on Storenvy) - owner Destiny Maricich stealing copyrighted logos from Monkey Doo Boutique --reported by Marlene Gleim

Briley's Bowtique - owner LeeAndra Blanton - Stole a photo of a frozen bow from The Big Bow Theory Bowtique and posted on her page as an RTS item, giving no credit to the actual bowmaker, making it appear that she created the bow. When called out by the bowmaker, Briley's Bowtique said she'd "planned to buy it and resell it, nothing wrong with that". Yes, you read that correctly - she hadn't even purchased it yet! The bowmaker said she had no problem with that, but she did have a problem with her not giving credit where due, making it appear that she created the bow, and stealing her photo instead of purchasing the bow first and then taking her own picture. She, of course, removed the picture and never purchased the bow.

Brittani Graham - stealing business ideas & products from another vendor & using their photos, etc. --reported by Lauren Phillips

Broken Wings - trying to steal business from Broken Wings ® by posing as them (including liking ALL businesses that the original likes & trying to gain likes via the business name). The original can be easily detected due to having the "®" (Registered mark) at the end --reported by Barbara J Peterson and Broken Wings ®

Broken Wings and So Much More @ - trying to steal business from Broken Wings ® by posing as them (including stealing photos and using the original's info in their mission statement). The original can be easily detected due to having the "®" (Registered mark) at the end --reported by Broken Wings ®

Buttons n Bows - owner Lisa Salzman - now has Buttons n Bows Factory - Stole image of a tutu dress from Tutu Sweet Shop and posted it as her own after cropping it to chop off the model's head and shoulders to show only the dress. Update 11/7/13: Buttons n Bows Factory is using a picture of a turkey bow that originally came from AllthingsgirlyII on etsy without giving proper credit. Lisa is trying to pass it off as her own image when it is not. Even those pinned on pinterest link back to AllthingsgirlyII on etsy.

C & L Couture Creations - owner Sara Canalia - Googled images to use for her business but admittedly failed to see if those images were copyrighted or not prior to using them. She had also won/purchased images from Listia that she used and later found out were copyrighted.

Chic Tutus - A business page running as a personal profile page (against Facebook's TOS) was caught using a stolen image from Cindy's Blings N Things. She tried to say a customer sent it to her and she didn't know where it came from and that's why she posted it to show what she has made but hadn't had a chance to or taken the time to photograph prior to shipping it out (same with other images on her page that weren't hers). Her story, of course, doesn't wash. She was stealing images within days of them being posted on other vendors's sites and using them on her own page.

Creations for Kaley - selling items that she has won in contests/giveaways as her own works --reported by Carly Ann

DIY & Crafting Universe, owner Amber Elizabeth Johnson, who also has the DIY & Crafting Universe Etsy page, downloaded images from Google (according to her) and did not give credit to the actual creator/owner of the images (Funky Monkey Designs). She then resold those images.

Elliboo's Tutu's (page now gone and replaced with this one which is a regular profile page) - stole TutuLoo's description word for word (caps/cap lock included), policies, & many of their ideas and used them as her own --reported by TutuLoo

Equine Flair Affair - owner Susan Shankle - Found to be using an image stolen from Tribe Equus. The image had been cropped and flipped, but was the same identical image posted at an earlier date on Tribe Equus. Also found to be using this image stolen from the Etsy shop Meadowdancer1 RNP Rhythm ~N~ Bling - Handmade Rhythm Beads

Essere Vero - Stole images from Handmade by Heather and from SweetpeasBumblebees

Fabulously Frugal Fashion - owner Melonie Brown (listed as McClamroch at the time of placement) - basically copying nearly everything from Baubles n Bits word for word, from Policies & Procedures to individual posts to games! Seriously, if you can't be original at least half the time, just close down!

Fast Trax Graphix & Other Creations by June C - owner June Alison Cristobal - Caught using other vendors' images (invitations and such), modifying them slightly, and claiming them as her own creations ~ all without prior permission from the original creator. She was removed from the group "Hot Crafty Mamas" when they realized she was doing this.

Gigi's Treasures - owner Taisha Hernandez (or Santiago or Garcia or Andino ~ she keeps changing her last name between these 4 last names on her profile) - also uses the profiles Taisha Garcia (currently inactive/deleted), Noeme Lugo, TY Garcia, Estrella No'Love, Precious Bella Perez (Chikita Linda), Alex Ag, and Taisha Gaya - runs NeeNee's Goods , Heavenly Pleasures on Cloud 9, Get Sexy Fit With Taisha, and the closed group Games raffles & much more with small vendors & fans; also has the websites: Jewelry In Candles (Taisha Hernandez's Store), Younique Products (Taisha Andino, Independent Presenter), SoyL Scents (under the name Estrella Hernandez, or "Star the admin", as she is known at NeeNee's Goods), Avon Representative (under the name Noeme Lugo), and the Kitsy Lane page Estrellasbling (under the name Taisha Andino) and is also a host of the event SENDING CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS TO MILITARY that runs through October 29, 2013 (suggestion to those participating: send money and items to the other hosts) - stole images from Carla's BabyCakes and several other diaper cake vendors. Stolen images were immediately removed by an admin after a convo with one of the image owners. A confrontation with the page owner later ensued because she supposedly knew nothing about any of it.

Glamazon Phone Cases - owner Heather Roane - also has website GlamazonPhoneCases - has been copying everything from Wild Glam Phone Cases, including page description, statuses, etc. Even tried selling a couple of Wild Glam's products as her own creations until she was called out on them.

Handmade by the love of Design - owner Heather Vonhagen - also uses the profiles Kimmi SalengzerTucker ThompsonAmy BellowsAmanda EspositoKatelyn Miller, and Katelyn Miller (2nd profile) and has the pages Mom's treasureFor The Love of DogsSimply UniqueBellow JewelsKatelyn's Kool Caps, and Kool Caps by Katelyn - Stole the "Angel of Light" image created by Gail Gastfield and used it for her page's profile picture and to make necklaces to sell in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy (without permission, of course). She said she was going to be donating the profits to the families of the tragedy but she, instead, kept the money herself and made up lies. When she was reported, she tried to blame another vendor for turning her in, claiming it was jealousy when, in fact, the other vendor had absolutely nothing to do with reporting her. Ms. Gastfield had to send Heather several emails and messages (which Heather had ignored at first) before Heather finally removed the "Angel of Light" image and quit using it. Upon finding out that she was on my blog page, Heather sent me the message "Come to ct meet me face to face". Heather is now stealing images from elsewhere online and using them on her pages/profiles. When someone said something about this, she said that since it was online, it was okay for her to use! Already has a request from Felicia Di Muro to remove her images from the Katelyn's Kool Caps page (page is only 9 days old)! Yes, she is ALREADY stealing images on the new pages!

Haru's HoneyBee Creations ~ Beautiful Personalised gifts - owner Harumi Mashiko - stole image from LilBowPeepEtc and tried to pass it off as her own. Failed to even remove LilBowPeepEtc's watermark from the image! Haru's removed the picture from her page once LilBowPeepEtc posted on the pic that it was hers, including the link to the original image.

Little Ties & Tiaras - stealing pics from and try to pass them off as their own.

Lullaby Baby Concierge - owner Susan Toro - also has Lullaby Baby Concierge website and the blog Lullaby Wall Decor - Stole a photo from The Cordial Life blog (photo of letters that decorate the blogger's daughter's room) and used it on the LBC Facebook page, website, and blog.

Lyla Lu - stole pictures from another page & tried to pass them off as her own --reported by Kelly Zamora-Zepeda

Mad Hatter Head Candy - had stolen an image from Family Traditions Crafts and had been claiming it as her own. MHHC did eventually remove the stolen image.

Martha's Growing Pains - owner Martha-louise Hirst - Had been taking stock photos from other sites and using them as her own creations on her page. She claims that she said they are "examples" of what she can make. However, I have screenshots and none of them say that. In fact, one of them (a stock photo of rainbow wings which shows the model from behind and thusly the back of the wings), she lists "YOU CANT SEE THE FRONT YET,NOT FINISHED". Really, that's not trying to pass off those photos as your own? A couple of people started commenting about the photos not being hers and posted links to where she got the pics and may be ordering the items. Whether or not she is actually making these items from viewing pictures or ordering one, I can't say for sure. I definitely can say, though, that she was using the photos and claiming they were her creations prior to her removing them.

Misty Dismuke (Guseman) - Stole an image from Spot Me Design after purchasing an item from the vendor, posted the image on her page without giving vendor credit in an attempt to sell the item (or make and sell similar items ~ this has never been determined as the picture was removed when the vendor called her out on it). There are several other images on Misty's page with no credit given to the vendor who created it. If Misty has ordered jewelry off you, you may want to check her page.

My Swag Bag - co-owner Jenn DiGianni (and formerly also #Kyle Somers) - had been copying word-for-word and using as their own various parts of the page, including the About section and the FAQs note, from The Swag's In The Bag Info Page. After being contacted about the blatant copying and requested to change the wording and refrain from copying her work in the future, the owner of TSITBIP was harassed by Jenn and Kyle on multiple occasions and she had to block them from her page.

Nevaeh's Girly Boutique - owner Nevaeh Jones (aka Jasmyn Hopkins, former owner of Jasmyn's Boutique ~ on the BV list) - stole pictures from at least 9 Etsy vendors and used as her own. --reported by  Cheri Dees, Marina Farish, and The Boutique Hall of Fame and Shame.

Nichole Torres - copies exact posts, contests, and other such items --reported by Kozy Kandles

Paracord Pretties - stole pictures from Paracord Bracelets, cropped them, and posted as their own --reported by Paracord Bracelets

Rhinestone Cowgirl Bling - owner Laura Wood-Dunn - entered an auction, listing herself as a different vendor, including links to the other vendor's site. Only after the auction ended did the truth come out.

Simply Everything By Megan - owner Megan Fletcher - stole images from CrochetDreamz and used them as her own, even watermarking them as her own.

Skinny Wraps - trying to steal business from other It Works! businesses - confirmed by corporate as to several vendors complaining of this --reported by Michelle Le Fever

Stone Bowtique - owner Kayla Stone - using pics from TuTus for Sweeties but not giving credit to the vendor --reported by TuTus for Sweeties

SunshineMamaBoutique (on Etsy) - owner Heather Demers (Facebook profile) (and Etsy profile) - Stealing images from MyRingsAndThings (Lorelei Reed's Etsy page), my tutu boutique, Decoldeas, and other sites, trying to pass them off as her own.

Susan's Amazing Bowtique - owner Susan Palmer - also owns Kylee's Beautiful boutique and more and, on Etsy:  susansamazingbows and her personal profile, spalmer087 - Caught stealing images from other vendors, cropping them, and using them as her own. When called out for it, she denied it, but immediately banned the vendors who owned the original images or those who called her out. On March 13, 2015, she stated in a post, "I want to apologize to all my customers in advance because some one has contacted multiple people to try and say I'm stealing photos. This I absolutely do not do...I'm going to be contacting FB and others to get all of this resolved. Again I sincerely apologize. This will be stopped even if I have to make a new page". Kylee's Beautiful boutique and more was created right after. The next day, she makes a post on the SAB page in which she clearly states, "I contact all authorities and have been advised it is not illegal to post any pictures that is not yours." She further goes on to state, "I was advised it is fully up to me to delete pictures but it is not necessary. But since I want to put all negativity behind and get the profanity off my page, I am deleting certain ones and am going to be taking new pictures with a new background." Later that day, her page disappeared for several days, opening again on March 18 ~ with some of the same stolen pics on her page.

Tee's Boutique - was under the ownership of Jamie Ward (it just reopened under "new management" on 1/24 with the same name and URL - everything else was reset) - Jamie now has B & K Boutique, its corresponding blog, and the closed group Bippity Boppity Bowtique - Tee's Boutique (under Jamie's ownership) was passing off a copyrighted image of a bow holder belonging to OurCreations as her own.

Tutu Fabulous - owner Brittany Velasquez - Stealing images from other vendors (some stock images, some not) and not even bothering to remove their watermarks. She just puts her watermark over top of theirs, trying to pass off the image as her own, despite it clearly being visible in most of the images that it's not her own work or image.

TuTu Many - stole pics from Dragonfly Dream PhotographyThree Little Princesses, and others, removing watermarks and using them as her own, claiming the tutus in the pictures are her own creations.

Tutu Shack - Caught stealing images from KK's Kute Kreations, cropping them, and using them as her own. When called out for it, she denied it, but immediately removed the images. Also was recently found to be stealing images from the Hair Bow Company and using them as her own (4/22/13)!

Two Girls Boutique - owners Jessica Lermer and Angie Gatto (also has a profile listed under Talisha Sturms, but the URL is listed as angie.gatto) - also had Country Made Creations - Found to be stealing images from Modern Pea Pod ( and trying to pass them off as their own.

Twoodle Bugs Boutique - owner Erika Clardy Knight - stole a pic from Aubree's Custom Creations for a preorder, removed the watermark, and replaced it with her own. The tale-tell sign was a boo-boo made in the picture by ACC when editing it. Regular stock photos of the sandals don't have the editing error, whereas ACC's picture does and so does the stolen picture on Twoodle Bugs Boutique's page. Sad!

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