Bad Vendors

# - Page has been removed by owner or Facebook or is unable to be found (the same applies to any dead links) Email me if you want to update me with new links for any on the list.

4Cs Boutique - owner Kristie Brunette Manley
A Crafter's Bliss (closed group) - co-admin Misty Moya - also owns The Design Queen
A Squeaky Foot - owner 'Kelly Asqueakyfoot Padgett (Kelly Sullivan)
Ada's Handmade Treasures - also has a corresponding online store at storenvy
Ali's Boutique N Advertising - owner Ali Tripp - also has Our Hearts Desire by AliYounique by Ali, and a Younique products website
Aliessas Goodies - owner Danielle Marie Cloyd (Danielle also has/runs/is associated with ~Little Royalty Models~Aliessa's Modeling Page, Sunshine Couture Models, and Lasting Impressions), At Home with DanielleLittle Ducks BoutiqueLittle Ducks (business page set as a personal profile), her LilyBean & Baxter website, her Jewelry in Candles store, her Pinterest page, and her Twitter page.
Amanda DazzlingBeauties OnlinePageant *Failed to follow through with sending photos of her daughter who was sent products to model for another vendor.
ARicher Designs - owner Ashleigh Richer
Ashley Amanda Photography - owner Ashley Massat - also has the closed group Boutique/Photographer Trade Team and AshleyAmandaPhoto on Etsy
Ava Lee - owner Jamie Huff (also has an Etsy Shop)
#Azzy Boutique - owner Rebecca Ketchum
  (Rebecca also has Azzys Custom Hairbows and Headbands)
B & K Boutique - owner Jamie Ward (Deaton) - also has the B&K Boutique website, closed group B&K Boutique's Market, and is one of the members who came together as the page The Bownatics
B.B. Glass Designs - owner Deidre Mitchell
Baby Bump Boutique
Baby La Rose - owner Jenna Pollard - also has an Etsy shop
Barbara May - sells in many different groups
Barbie's Closet - owner Barbie Griffin (aka Karyn Griffin)
Beary Sweet Beads - owner Jackie Burman Keyser - on Pinterest - also has Beary Sweet Beads shops on Craft Cafe (currently closed), on Luulla (not yet open), and on Big Cartel (now open)
Big Mama's Hair Ties - owner Leslie Anne (Rice) - who also has the website Big Mama's Hair Ties and more and Etsy shop BigMamasHairTies
Bodacious Bows - owner Jennifer Lloyd
Bow-ti-licous - owner Alysa Evans - also Smiles R Us Modeling, Bows and Boots boutique,
Brands on Sale, and Bows and Boots boutique
Bowtiful Bowtique - owner Amy Swackhamer (Amy Steckman)
#Brandy's Handmade Things - owner Brandy Rainwater (aka Christy Browder)
#BubbleGum Boutique
Bubblegum shoppe
Carrie Reece
Cheap Frills Boutique - owner Stephanie Grisso
  (Stephanie also had #Diva Dozen and #The Zootique)
#Chickadee's Rockabilly Couture - owner Kimberlee Lann
CHUNKY BEADS buy in bulk group - admin Ashley Reeves - also owns/operates 'Lil Muffinheads (TM) and is the admin of the group Ribbon deals
#Closet Cleanout - owner Monica Garcia (aka Monica Smiles)
  (Monica also has the group Smelly Smiles)
Crochet Magic By Laurie - owner Laurie Sazueta (Martzen) (1st profile) and Laurie Lynn (2nd profile) - also has Twisted Knot Accessories Store, Magical Moments - Newborn Photography Props, Headband Dreams & More, 4 Reasons Magic Auctions, Dreamland Supplies & More, the closed group Crochet Magic By Laurie Vendor Group,  and is an admin in the closed group 4 Reasons Magic Auctions Vendors GroupDreams Galore Buy In and Supply Destash group, and eBay ID crochetmagicbylaurie2012.
#Custom Creations By Jennifer - owner Jennifer Williams (also runs Momma Made It Look Easy on FB and blog)
Designs by April and its corresponding etsy page
Designs By Vallie - owner Valerie Ingram - also has the page Vallie's Dazzling Wonderland
Diaper Cakes& More - owner Renee Davin Furman
Dimples n Daisies Baby Boutique
Divas Ribbons - owner Valerie Barger (SouthernCharm) - **see Beware list entry under Divas Ribbons for full list of associated pages/profiles
Fantasia Home Parties with Angie - owner Angela Isaacs
Farrah Ison - admin (possibly co-admin) of the secret group #Diva's Dashing Deals and co-admin of the group A Bow for Every Beauty & A Tie for Every Tough Guy!
Felicia Cline
Floyd W. Butler (Mark Rep) - sells mark., Avon, Mary Kay and Tupperware, so beware!
  Alexis Carrington
  Andrew London
  Carl Riggleman
  Christine Leftwich
  Conway Twittys Page
  Elizabeth Newman
  Floyd Butler
  Floyd W Butler
  Floyd Mark Rep Butler
  Frances Wright
  Jason Michaels
  Jennifer Butler
  Mark Rep
  Mark Rep Floyd
  Mark Reps
  Mary Butler
  Mary Kay Cosultant
  Patsy Cline
  Reba McEntire
  Reba McEntire-fans
  Sandra Leftwich
  Thelma Harper
Flower Bows by Victoria - owner Victoria Stewart
  (Victoria also has FlowerBtq Resales)
Forever Memories by Savannah - owner Savannah Steele
Geaux Glitter - owner Ericka J Taylor
Getz Sew Cute - owner Faith Getz (Stocks)
Gifts from the heart for those in Need - owner Melissa M Olszewski (Missie)
Hand Crafted by: Lissette Reinbold - owner Lissette Reinbold Certified Doula - also runs Certified Doula Lissette Reinbold, Lissette Lilybean & Baxter and Whimsical Creation Lissette
Hayden's Heavenly Creations
Heavenly Made With Love - owner Danielle Davidson (profile 1), Danielle Davidson (profile 2), aka Dani Brown (Dani Love) (profile 3), Dani Brown (Dani Love) (profile 4) and Danielle Brown (profile 5) - also owns All That Glitters Graphics and the etsy shop The Shabby Kitty Update 12/21/2013: Danielle has gone incognito by creating the profile Nicole Daniels and opening shop under Bubblegum Kids Couture back in October.
Hello Gorgeous Couture - owner Elizabeth Marie
Hemp Creations by EmberLily - owner Chalsae Darr
#Her Highnesses' Boutique - owner Misti Sprinkle
High Desert Ribbon RTS - co-admin Kathy Gomez (Kathy Gula Gomez)
Hilikus Tutus & Photography - owner Angie Cardarelli (both have disappeared)
#HippieFrog Designs - owner Holly Jo Parsons
  (Holly also has Hippiefrog Photography)
Homemade Treasures - owner Terri Hays
#Hookin & Sewin - owner listed as Lynae Smith aka Jessica Lermer - also has #Jessica Lermer Personalized Gifts Bags Purses and Two Girls Boutique
Hooks at Heart - owner Heidi Chandlee (aka Kristi Bouchet)
  (Heidi/Kristi also has Our Image Photography)
Itz Hairlarious N Beyawnd
J-Mae Creationz - owner Jessica Cali - also has the website Cali Crochet & More, the blog Words of a SAHM, and her Thirty-One Gifts consultant page
Jana's Posh Pieces & CJD - owner Christi Cjd (Christi Herbert) aka JanaLynn Kay Momager
Jasmyn's Boutique - owner Jasmyn Hopkins
#Jessie Staples-Independent Tastefully Simple Consultant
Jewels by T
Joez Glitz (page she doesn't use much) / Joez Glitz (personal profile that she uses) - owner Sara Conner Birchfield - also owns Diamond Doll Models
Kaley's Closet - owner Mary-Ellen Brown
  Creations for Kaley
  Kidz Closet
  Kaley's Modeling Page
  Tyler's Modeling Page
  Having Fun Photo Contest
  Princess Kaley Charboneau
  #Kaley Alyssa
  Glammour Beautys
  Mary-Ellen Brown
  Rob Charboneau
  Mary-Ellen Brown (2nd profile)
  Rob Charboneau (2nd profile)
  Kaley Alyssa
  Mommyandme Fotoedits
  Chloee Louise Nicholas
  Spring Time Boutique
  Cutie Patootie Models
  Cutie Patootie Models Official Website (on Weebly)
  My Princess Hairbows and More
  Sweet Lollipop Models
  Nicole Lynn Ackerman
  James Brown
  Sara Mcdonald (Sassybows)
  Bethany Hendrickson
  My Cute Bows and More Boutique
  Stunning Little Ladies Boutique Modeling
#Kell's Purses, Shoes, & Accessories - owner Kelly Rasberry (also uses the names Kelly Cantu and Kelly Cant) - also co-owner of My Unique Bowtique on Facebook, website, and twitter
#Letters from Home - owner Rachel Mingle
#Lil Miss Boutique - owner Kristin Marie Farley-Smith
  #Miss Kristin's Boutique
  #Sasha and Kristin's Boutique
#LiL MISS Havens bLiNg - owner #Roxy Huskey - also owned Bling Bling Couture and Bling Bling Couture Kids
Lillyann's - owner Shelly Andersen (Rachelle Sizemore) - also owns Andersen Arts
Lina's Ribbon Lovers on a budget! :) (closed group) - owner Xylina Davis-Wooten - also runs Bows & More by Xylina and Images In The Eyez of Xylina Photography
Lit'l Sassy By Susu - owner Susan Martin Townson
Little Binky Boo - owner Maria Isaacs
Little Piggy Boutique
Little Tikes Bowtique (link is to the personal profile of the same name - original business page is gone)
Livvie Rose Tutus and Bows - owner Brooke Bradley - also has 'Livvie Rose Tutus and Bows' on Pinterest and 'Help Hannah Sing at Disney Created by Brooke Bradley' on GoFundMe
Lollidot Tots
Loris' Lovables - owner Lori Gala-Barger - also has the profile Michelle Cash - also connected to TBT Creations (Thoughts Become Things), her husband Jim's page
Lulu's Bags - owner Amber Jacobs - also runs LuLu's Bags N More (business page set as a personal profile)
Marcey Trabant
   (Marcey also has It Works with Marcey and Peaceful Swiss Apron's)
Marie Laws Cartrette
Marlee & Me, A BowTique - owner Aidan Maloney - also has Haute Shot Studios- Tampa and the Haute Shot Studios Website
#Melissa Rubio - Independent Scentsy Consultant
Modern Baby Crochet and etsy page of the same name - owner Rebecca Villard and 2nd profile - also runs Lovey Buggies - Handmade Children's Accessories (now closed)
Molly's Pretty Little Shop
My Couture World
My Five Monkeys Boutique (now closed) - owner CharlesAshlee Harris - who also has the following profiles:  Pinterest, Google+, MySpace, and Meetup
My Little Princess Tutus & More - owner Tiffany Phillips
My Only Princess Bows
Namely Yours Creations
Nay's CraftyCreations (and personal profile of the same name)
Picture Perfect Bowtique - owner Katie McVay Conaway
Playful Solutions - owner Shelli Gordon (Oneal) - (#Playful Solutions and more)
Plushly Perfect Pillows and Gifts - owner Katie Marie Blowers - also has Little Treasures Models and Website
#Polka Dots and Gumdrops - owner Mary Conant
Polka Dot Junkie - owner Megan Green - also has the Pinterest profiles Megan C Green and Polka Dot Junkie and the Etsy profile Megan Green - also has the website Polka Dot Junkie (which has been suspended)
Pretty Girl Boutique - owner Shannon Marie - also one of 8 vendors who joined together to create The Bow Queen's (in fact, she's the first vendor listed)
#Pure Romance by Loretta Riddle - owner Loretta Riddle aka Lorie Riddle (Loretta also had Families for Christmas) - (Married to Paul Riddle who owns PLC Construction & Remodeling)  Update 2/12/14: also has the profile Lorie Jean (now changed to Lorie Jean) - runs Sweet Emotions Photography and Ladders Under the Sea (her husband Paul has the profiles Ron Riddle (now changed to Ron Riddle), JP Riddle, and PJ Paul and runs Handyman Services)  Update 2/20/14: also has the pages Plexus Slim by Lorie Jean, Plexus Slim Ambassador site, Jewelry Candles by Lorie Jean, and Vendor Events by Lorie Update 10/18/15: also has the profiles Lorie Jean Riddle and Lorie Riddle, as well as the page Christmas Elves (husband Paul's new profile is Paul Riddle Sr. and business page Local Handyman Services)
Rose Davis - owner of Mommy and Me hair accessories, co-admin of the closed group Two Mommy's Hideaway for Buy Ins & Destash, and former co-admin of the closed group A mommy's place to destash and wholesales
#Rosie's Closet Designs (now renamed Your Loveable Digital Goodies) - owner Karissa Mondragon (Karissa Mondraagons on Facebook)
Sasha Arnold - owner of Brailee Nicole Maes Page
SassyKat Creations - owner Kathryn Garcia
Smockaroos (closed)
Snuggle Bug Boutique - owner Heather Tanner (Heather OhSo - FB profile page)
  (Heather also had Oh So Shabby Boutique Ads which is now supposedly under new management)
Spunky & Sweet Boutique
Stone Bowtique (and personal profile of the same name) - owner Kayla Stone (also has Family bowtique)
Sweet Peas and Bumpkins
#SweetTreats Ribbon - owner (profile of same name) SweetTreats Ribbon
The 5 Little Monkeys Boutique - owner Sara Ann Pratt
#The Duct Tape Queen
The Perfect Bow Box - owner Jamie McNabb
  (Jamie also has Serendipitous Gifts)
The Pink Zebra Boutique - owner Crystal McKinney Brumek - also #Brumek Boutique
The Purple Dragonfly Baby - owner Renee Pestel
The Resale Boutique - owner Lisa Millard
#The Shopanista - owner Shelean Jones (S Roberts Jones)
The Waddlin Toddler - owner Tara Shoemaker-deFerbrache
#Thing 3 Creations (facebook page is gone, but link is to the blog page)- owner Becky Dunn
  (Becky also has Preemie Bella Tutu’sPreemie Bella Tutu’s - AustraliaTulsa Wraps, and
  Wrap Me Beautiful Tulsa)
This-N-That Boutique Hand Crochet Photo Props (closed) - owner Valery Cagney - also had This-N-That Boutique Fans (closed) and the This-N-That Boutique Blog - NOW runs Creative Crochet Photography Props
This and That Co-op (group) - admin LaShanda Moon - also owns Booth 36
#Too Cute Couture - owner Rhonda Perkins
  (Rhonda also has/had #AmberLynn D'signs (may be AmberLynn's D'signs) and
  Maggie Mae's Originals)
TuTu Cute
  (TuTu Cute also has/had Cutie Patootie)
Two Girls Boutique - owners Jessica Lermer and Angie Gatto (also has a profile listed under Talisha Sturms, but the URL is listed as angie.gatto) - also had Country Made Creations
Victoria's Designer Creations and corresponding website - owner Vickie Victoria Walk
Vintage Lucy's - owner Tabatha Hasselbrink
Wasabi Mommi Works - owner Jessica Gumm

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