Beware! Use caution when dealing with these vendors/people

# - Page has been removed by owner or Facebook or is unable to be found (the same applies to any dead links) Email me if you want to update me with new links for any on the list.

ABA Tutor - owner Stacey Trapani-Barber - also has a personal profile on LinkedIn, the ABA Tutor website, and the Traber, LLC website - held a contest to win an iPad. In order to enter the contest, you had to "like" and/or "share" the post(s) from her page. There were approximately 160 participants. When the winner was chosen, Jo Galante Cicale was picked. So what is the issue with her being chosen? First of all, she is Stacey's personal friend. Next, she had not "liked" nor "shared" any of the post(s) as required to enter the contest. Oddly enough, at the beginning of the contest, Stacey kept mentioning that most of her fans were local, so one of them may win, but always made sure to let everyone know that the contest was open to everyone and that anyone could win. When it was time to choose the winner, the names of "all the participants" were written on slips of paper and placed in a box. She then videotaped herself drawing out Jo's name. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the original posts were deleted prior to the drawing of the winner so that, unless one were to have taken screenshots (which some did), there was no real proof that Jo hadn't entered. Strangely enough, after I received the complaint about this and was actually on the ABA Tutor Facebook page, reviewing the complaint, Stacey removed the page! Ethics is definitely something she needs to learn.

Aliessas Goodies - owner Danielle Cloyd - entered giveaway that she hosted. Also posted to owner of Aniliesa Bows that she won the prize that A.B sponsored in the giveaway (after Mommys Unite had been listed as the winner). Danielle claimed it was a mistake, that she meant to post to another vendor. Same day that A.B. 'called her out' on being all 3 (A.G., D.C., & M.U.), it was posted on the Mommys Unite wall that Danielle was taking over the page. Danielle also has/owns/runs/is associated with ~Little Royalty Models~Aliessa's Modeling Page, At Home with Danielle, Little Ducks Boutique, Little Ducks (business page set as a personal profile), her LilyBean & Baxter website, her Jewelry in Candles store, her Pinterest page, her Twitter page, Lasting Impressions (associated only), and Sunshine Couture ModelsDanielle has since been removed from the Mommys Unite page.

Ann Hicks - Stole over $190 via goods and credit card chargeback due to lies, even after admitting to the vendor that she received the largest part of her order (which was shipped in two separate envelopes from Canada). The vendor shipped from Canada via letter post because to add tracking was cost prohibitive for her customers. She always tried to save them money and felt they were honest people, until this point. Ann told the vendor she was going to file for the chargeback because there was "no proof I ever received the first envelope." The vendor submitted screen shots of her conversations with Ann as well as the receipts showing where she purchased and mailed the packages to Ann, but Ann's credit card company still sided with her over Paypal's submission of the vendor's proof. Ann is definitely one of those buyers with whom you want to be cautious!

Auction Palace - April Jenkins - Auction Palace recently had a giveaway in which April won 4 prizes. Under normal circumstances, this would be nothing unusual. However, within the week prior to the giveaway, April was advertising Auction Palace on various "Like Ladders" where it stated to "Post your business page." Is this her page? Is she an admin?

B & K Boutique - owner Jamie Ward (Deaton) - also has the B&K Boutique website, closed group B&K Boutique's Market, and is one of the members who came together as the page The Bownatics - In August 2013, sold a customer a 12 Month Bow Club (Bow of the Month Club) that included a birthday bow. Of the bows that were received, nearly all were received late (especially holiday bows which were received after the holiday had passed). On May 21, 2014, bows weren't received, so customer inquired about them and was told hers was going out the next day. She didn't receive the bows, nor any that were due after that. She tried contacting the boutique on three separate dates afterwards and received no response. Poor customer service, consistently late delivery, and ultimately, failure to communicate and failure to deliver the last few months of bow shipments.

Blingy Girl Things - owner Kanesha Morrison - also has a Younique Products Independent Presenter website and a Blingy Girl Things shop at storenvy - Held an auction and after the close of the auction, edited the listings on approximately 15 of the 35 items, raising the shipping charges (one as high as $5) without a word to her customers/bidders unless THEY noticed it. Very shady and underhanded!

Bonita Krivitz-Rynders - says her checking account has been hacked and her bank is filing chargebacks (not her) against many vendors from whom she has ordered. She had supposedly contacted Paypal about this on Feb 26, 2013, but nothing had been done about it. It seems kind of strange when the complainant (one of those filed against) contacted Paypal and 24 hrs later won in the chargeback case filed against her by Bonita. Many vendors have banned her from ordering from them again. This is not a case of buyer beware ~ this is a case of seller beware!

Brionna Finney - eBay profile brivance - Had entered items in a Dollar Auction hosted by Kendra's Unique Bowtique. Vendors were to list their starting bid and the increase. Brionna set hers, but was not happy when her items didn't get bid up as high as she had hoped they would. She had the winners message her and offered the items to them at a higher amount because she had to "at least cover her cost." She told at least one of the winners that she usually sold on eBay (which wasn't true, as she usually BUYS on eBay) and offered her eBay ID. She then put the items up for sale on eBay, but failed to sell them there.

Brittany's Bows - owner Brittany Lynn - created several fake profiles, including #Nicolette MarieBritt Lynn, and Jared Soucie in order to try to help her mother Stacy McCallum Esterbrook unfairly win prizes in a contest/giveaway hosted by Mommyhood. It is unknown as to whether she entered under her mother's name or her mother actually entered, as her mother was using Brittany's email address to enter the giveaway which looked highly suspicious in itself. Brittany also has the profile Brittany Lynn Esterbrook and the page It Works with Brittany Lynn.

BrokMom - now Bizzy Bags & Gifts - owner Susan Manning Hale - also has Bizzy MonogramsTrendy Gifts, and the webstore Bizzy Bags & Gifts - fails to send product, extremely long wait time for refunds, poor customer service (including rudeness and blaming customers for problems with orders).

Chantal Marquis - ran the now defunct page The Hard Candy Hookup that sold a lot of 140 mostly damaged, opened, not sealed, and expired Hard Candy items for $120 to a customer without disclosing this information and then didn't refund her for it. She even went as far as to call the customer a "fat cow" publicly over the incident when the customer posted her dissatisfaction after being unable to get a refund for the damaged, opened, and expired items.

Citrus Contry Groves - This page is a fake page. In addition to the obvious misspelling of "country," the page is closed off to comments unless you are a fan, thus not allowing others to complain about not getting their oranges that are currently being "given away" because any complaints are immediately deleted and the person gets banned. This page is supposed to be a page about Citrus Country Groves in Clearwater, FL. However, research shows that the store locations in both Clearwater and Seminole, FL, have been closed since Easter of 2011 and the company merged with another company, Hale Groves. See the following news article for info: Tampa Bay Times article.

Crazy Lady Bows - owner Angie Whitely (Shumway) - also owns Clayton's Corner - Using a copyrighted image without permission from the owner to advertise what she was planning to make. When the image owner confronted her, she said that it was okay to use because she had a link to the image owner's website. She saw nothing wrong with the fact that she was putting down the image owner's business and prices nor did she realize that what she was doing was what is called "bait and switch", which is illegal. You can't show one product for sale and then send your customer something that isn't what is pictured. That means, people, quit stealing other vendor's photos to show what you can make and then sending out something different! Make it and then take a picture of YOUR product to show your customers!

Dana McCurdy - runs Jaren's Treasure Chest - claims she or her family is (terminally) ill and need financial help. She then turns around and spends the money she receives to buy products (purses, bows, etc) from vendors online. She begs for help on her own profile as well as on many SAHM and professional business pages. This woman is nothing but a scammer. Beware!

Divas Ribbons (business page set as a personal profile) - owner Valerie Barger (profile 1/old profile), Valerie Barger (SouthernCharm) (profile 2/old profile), and Valerie Barger (profile 3/new profile) - also has the pages The Bottle Cap Lady Bugs, One Dollar Boutique, the etsy shops The Bottle Cap Lady Bugs and One Dollar Boutique, page Backwoods Flea Market & Boutique and most recently using the profiles Teresa Miller and Teresa Diycraftsupply Miller and Backwoods Bowtique (business page set as a personal profile), as well as the closed group Crafty Ladybugs Co-Op, the secret group DIY Craft Supply and the website DIY Craft Supply, and was also formerly scamming under the page Crafty Ladybugs (or possibly The Crafty Ladybugs) years ago. Her list of names is growing as well. In addition to Valerie Barger, these names are known to be hers or associated with her: Valerie June George, Valerie Jones, Kenny George, Kenny Barger, Kenneth Ray Barger, and Ray Kenny. She is from Leesville, LA. BEWARE! She has been scamming people out of their money for at least 3 years now consistently! The Crafty Ladybugs reports I found go back to 2010! With her latest ventures (selling under the Teresa profiles), she is pretending to be from San Antonio, TX, and is using the email She is also trying to cover her tracks by using a 3rd party checkout system (, Inc. out of Columbus, OH).

Elliboo's Tutu's - States in her Basic Info section that items are shipped 2-6 weeks after payment is received (6 weeks puts customers at a 42 day mark when Paypal only has a 45-day time limit for filing a dispute). Also states in the Basic Info section "I do not accept returns or issue refunds. All sales are final." Definitely a buyer beware vendor!!

Emerald Inceptions - owner Marcon Camilleri Caruana who also uses the profile Emerald Inceptions Jewels - also has the website Emerald Inceptions, Twitter, Pinterest page, Blogger page, Instagram, Tumblr, and Rebels Market online store all under the Emerald Inceptions name - Holds contests and then changes the rules of the contests at the last minute, claiming cheating and threats by those who were winning.

Felicity's Designs - owner Felicia Butler - also runs Felicity's Designs G.A.M.E. group! - enters into trades with other vendors with no intention of completing the trade. Enters items into giveaways with no intention of giving the winner(s) a prize. She does it only to gain fans.

Finders Keepers Creations - owner Kayla Cobb (Stover) - Deleted a message from a contest winner asking about a prize and then sent a very rude private message to the contest winner calling her a c*nt and a b*tch for calling her out about deleting messages and not sending prizes. She also had a fit over the contest winner inquiring about the prize on her page instead of sending an email.

Francisca Jasmin Juarez - Accepted a booking for her daughter via Envy Me Models for a double shabby headband. Rather than turning in professional photos, she turned in photos that were taken with a cell phone and edited with an android app. She initially paid the discounted price of $5 for the $15 headband and later paid the remaining $10. She then filed PayPal claims, saying the headband was dirty and not worth the $15, and got her money returned to her after PayPal forced her to return the headband. Unfortunately, she had thrown the headband in the laundry prior to sending it back and ruined it. When it arrived, it was still damp, the shabby was completely shredded, the dyed peacock feathers were shaggy, and it smelled of laundry soap. The owner took a picture of it and sent it to PayPal along with the picture of it on Francisca's daughter. PayPal realized that they made a mistake in their decision, so as a goodwill gesture, gave the owner her $15 back as well. Beware if working with Francisca Jasmin Jaurez!

Geaux Glitter - owner Ericka J Taylor - Sold 2 bracelets and a hat to a customer on Sep. 10. Customer sent messages to Geaux Glitter on Sep. 23 and Oct. 10 asking about her order with no response. She also posted a couple of times on the page to let the owner know she sent messages (since no one was supposed to post about their orders on the page itself). Ericka blamed her multiple surgeries for her being behind on orders. However, instead of halting orders and catching up, she continued taking orders, selling RTS items, playing games, and entering her items in auctions on other vendors's pages. This only delayed things even more. RTS items were being delivered right away, but that was about it. Just this week, a mass email went out from "Becca" stating that the Geaux Glitter page was "hacked" and not deleted. I find that quite amusing since her own personal profile is still up. It's pretty evident that she's in over her head and knows it. Clearly a buyer beware case!

Gera's Pretties (closed group) - co-admin Amanda Jones (Amanda Jackson) - had a customer that put in an order March 5 for 2 outfits that were part of a pre-order that were supposedly placed that day. No updates made to buyer for 6 months, and then update was made ONLY when buyer asked! At end of Aug, customer saw cute coats & inquired about certain sizes that she can order. When she was told they were available, she said she wanted them & gave her paypal addy. She didn't hear from Amanda again until Sep 13, at which time she received an invoice for shipping for the coats which the customer didn't see until Sep 26 because of not having internet for a bit of time. The customer emailed her asking what the invoice was for (because of it being such a small amount). She was told it was shipping for the coats. The customer asked when the other outfits would be in and was told that one shipment had come in, though not the one with her outfits in it, but that the other shipment with hers in it would be in the following week. The customer asked how much total for the coats plus shipping and was told that the invoice was sent. The customer never received any other invoice for the coats except the one for the shipping. On Oct 22, customer saw a post in the group concerning the outfits she had originally ordered - that the rest had arrived. When the customer commented on the post, Amanda claimed to have sent a refund, which was not true. Ultimately, Amanda had $40.56 of the customer's money for 2 pre-order outfits that she never delivered on after 7 months, planned to transfer that money to the 2 coats that cost a total of $33.50 plus have the customer pay an additional $9.55 for shipping on the coats. That is a difference of $7.06 that the customer would have been shorted and Amanda would have been pocketing. The customer ended up having to contact her bank and getting them involved. Her bank, in turn, contacted PayPal. Buyer beware! (I ALWAYS warn about pre-orders anyway ~ use your debit/credit card through PayPal if you are going to do buy-ins/pre-orders PLEASE!)

Gifts from the heart for those in Need - owner Melissa M Olszewski (now Melissa Missie O Kincaid)- also uses the profiles Melissa MissieEdmund Kincaid, and Leona Kincaid-olszewski and has the page Kincaid Konsignment - uses the page for her own monetary benefit and also not following her own rules about asking for help on other sites, as she also asked for help on the Facebook page "Gifts for the Needy" while trying to obtain funds on the GfthftiN page.

Grace Lynn Boutique - owner Kelly Hein - also has an Avon page and a Scentsy Independent Consultant page - purchased a bow from Krafts by Kristin and later decided to re-sell it, which would have been fine IF she'd have given credit to the original creator (which she did not) rather than trying to make it look like it was one of her own creations. The bow was listed in 3 different auctions on Grace Lynn Boutique's page, although one was from September where it didn't sell. The other two auctions listed, however, were the MCAL and the Boutiques 101 multi vendor auctions. She listed that same bow in BOTH auctions until she was called out on it (about it being Kristin's bow and it being in both auctions) by Kristin and myself. Then she deleted it from both auctions. If she's purchased handmade items from you in the past, you may want to make sure she gives you proper credit if she ever re-sells them.

Handmade by the love of Design - owner Heather Vonhagen - also uses the profiles Kimmi Salengzer, Tucker Thompson, Amy Bellows,  Amanda Esposito, Katelyn Miller, and Katelyn Miller (2nd profile) and has the pages Mom's treasure, For The Love of Dogs, Simply Unique, Bellow Jewels, Katelyn's Kool Caps, and Kool Caps by Katelyn - Stole the "Angel of Light" image created by Gail Gastfield and used it for her page's profile picture and to make necklaces to sell in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy (without permission, of course). She said she was going to be donating the profits to the families of the tragedy but she, instead, kept the money herself and made up lies. When she was reported, she tried to blame another vendor for turning her in, claiming it was jealousy when, in fact, the other vendor had absolutely nothing to do with reporting her. Ms. Gastfield had to send Heather several emails and messages (which Heather had ignored at first) before Heather finally removed the "Angel of Light" image and quit using it. Upon finding out that she was on my blog page, Heather sent me the message "Come to ct meet me face to face". Heather is now stealing images from elsewhere online and using them on her pages/profiles. When someone said something about this, she said that since it was online, it was okay for her to use! Definitely a buyer beware case! Also keeps stealing and posting pics of the children she no longer has custody of, without obtaining permission from the children's parents to post the pictures. Already has a request from Felicia Di Muro to remove her images from the Katelyn's Kool Caps page (page is only 9 days old)! Yes, she is ALREADY stealing images on the new pages!

Happy Hairbows - owner Laura Barbieri Posted derogatory comments concerning a vendor under the guise of warning other vendors, auction winners, and buyers about her. The reason behind the derogatory comments, sadly, was a PayPal claim for a refund of money not being used from an auction (due to a medical issue). Laura at Happy Hairbows doesn't ban non-payers (even says "everyone will get a second chance!"), but she DID block this vendor after posting the derogatory comments about her page! Strange how that happens, isn't it?

Hidden Treasure Candles - owners Mandy Orfanelli and Jen Orfanelli Mondoro - Uses shady sales gimmicks. Recently, they had one where they claimed that one candle in every lot of 500 sold had a code for an iPad3, one candle in every lot of 1000 sold had a Le Vian necklace, and one candle in every lot of 5000 sold had a Tiffany & Co pendant in it. Later in the sale, it turns out that one in every lot of 1000 sold has the code for an iPad3. Also, they are knowingly selling candles that have Tiffany & Co knock-off pendants in them.

High Desert Ribbon RTS - co-admin Kathy Gomez (Kathy Gula Gomez) - Customer ordered 10 mixed yards of ribbons and was invoiced for it. She paid the invoice on July 9. She then added to her order and gifted the additional $3 for the add-on to the order. Ribbons were supposed to be RTS and should have been mailed out within 5-7 days according to the invoice. On July 16, customer inquired when ribbons would be shipped and was told they would be going out the next day if they had not gone out yet. On July 21, customer contacted Kathy because tracking number entered was not working and was told, "let me check it, i just got home from a 3 day weekend". On July 23, customer again inquired after having heard no response and was told that it would be going out within the next few days. On August 3, customer inquired again after still not receiving any ribbons. This time, she was told, "let me check i think it went out. give me a few minutes". The customer then told Kathy that it had been at least 10 days since they last spoke and it was supposed to be going out within a couple days at that time and should have already arrived. Kathy responded "give me a bit to check, i have been real busy within both jobs..." Again, no further response. Two days later, on Aug. 5, customer sent "???" and later in the afternoon received, "sorry, give me a minute,,,i'll check my computer is uploading a virus protetion" (sp). At this point, the customer said not to worry about it and requested a refund. Kathy replied, "Please bear with me, my accounts I can't get into, my computer is upload ing a protection I can't log into anything" (sp). The customer responded that the items haven't been mailed, the amount of her total order, and told Kathy that the tracking number STILL shows "preshipment". Kathy said it was sent, she remembered because of the Abby Cadabby ribbon and offered to resend it. She promised it was shipped even though she hadn't had a chance to check the tracking. Customer accepted offer to resend ribbons and said if first shipment comes, she will send back duplicate. On Aug. 8, customer asked about tracking on new package. Kathy said there is no update yet but it was definitely mailed and that she added an extra 5 yds of ribbon. Customer's package finally did arrive about a week after she opened a PayPal dispute and escalated it to a claim. It was missing the Abby Cadabby ribbon and the ribbons that she had added on and gifted money to Kathy for (imagine that!).

#Hip Kid Couture - owner Denise Weber - Had a "group tie buy" on 9/9/11, stating that the ties would be received in 2-3 weeks by those purchasing them. One of those who purchased ties wanted to see if there were any posts concerning a status update on them. She tried to go to the vendor's page only to find it had disappeared. A few days later, she emailed the vendor at the email she used for paypal with no response. The next day, she contacted another vendor to see if they knew what had happened to HKC. That vendor also emailed HKC, but received a response within a few hours that said the page should still be up and that she was going to "double check" asap. The "group tie buy" purchaser still received no response from HKC. The next day, 9/24/11, she filed a dispute via paypal. On 9/29/11, she received a response from HKC/Denise along with a refund. The response was rather rude in nature and was an attempt to put the blame on the purchaser for not following directions. Due to the purchaser receiving a refund from HKC without the need to escalate it to a claim, I am unable to list this vendor as a bad vendor. I do, however, feel that the lack of communication with the purchaser and the disappearance of the page creates the need to list the vendor on the "Use caution..." list. Therefore, if the page reappears or Denise starts a new page, transact at your own risk!

Holly Feister - former admin of the closed group Party Train 2014, admin of the following groups: Mother's Day Exchange 2014, Vendor Auction 2014, From A-Z Sales!, and Holly's Garage Sale - also a Jewelry In Candles Rep, Jamberry Nails Consultant, and Our Hearts Desire Consultant (though this site is currently down for maintenance) - created the Party Train 2014 to supposedly help vendors who joined "get sales and snag some great gifts" for themselves (or others). In all actuality, it was a way for her to do this, as well as rake in some extra cash from everyone who joined the group. Holly made excuses such as JIC not having enough jewelry and candle containers when certain vendors felt it wasn't fair to have to order from her next party when they hadn't yet received their orders from her first party (and not even notification of shipping). Holly wasn't placing orders from anyone else's parties, even though they were required to order from hers. According to the list of when the parties were to be held, there should be parties being held as late as July. However, almost none of those people are in the group now. Only Holly, who has given up her admin position, and one other from the party list are left in the group at this point. The others are relatively new members. Holly kicked out people who questioned anything, whether it was the rules, something she did, something she said, etc.
Let's look at some of the rules. #1) Everyone is required to pay $5 to participate (non-refundable). #2) Everyone must order from party 1 (Holly's party). #4) Each party will reach $300 in sales (but Holly closes the party when it reaches $300 in sales and she doesn't have to order from the party herself. Some of the parties were closed well before reaching $300 in sales). #5) If you represent 1 company you must make a minimum $12 order, two companies an $18 order, 3 companies a $24 order.  #6) There will be no more than 3 parties a month. (Therefore, it could be a very long time before your party.) #10) If you signed up for a company that is represented by another consultant you are not required to purchase from them. For example I sell JIC and so does Person X, I am not required to purchase from her. (This changed, of course, as she required one of the vendors to purchase from another vendor, telling her that it doesn't count if she signed on with 2 companies. What?? Also gave the reverse example of Person X ordering from her ~ which is a requirement ~ rule #2 was that EVERYONE had to order from party 1-Holly's party!!) #12) If a party reaches $300 in sales before you order (i.e. closed out), your party will be pushed back for every party you do not order from. If you miss more than 3 your party will be cancelled, I will not refund your fee and you are not permitted to cancel your orders. I will report you to your company for unprofessionalism. Many companies do not take this lightly as I have dealt with bad vendors and reported them before. #13) If your party comes and you get orders then leave and do not make purchases from parties after yours I will post in the group for all other vendors to cancel their orders from you and I will report you for unprofessionalism. #14) If you are in this group and do not plan to participate please leave the group after the first party closes I will be removing everyone who is not a paid vendor. (She makes sure she's going to get sales from them before they leave!) #21) It is your responsibility to make sure that your company offers products at or below the $12 limit! If you do not it will be optional for others to purchase from your party, no ifs ands or buts about it. #22) I (Holly Feister) am the only admin of this page therefore only I will be posting parties.

Itty-Bitty Pretties Boutique (now A&A Applique) - owner Natasha Hazlett - also has the group A&A Applique - Caught bid padding in an auction at Crafty Moms'R'us on husband Alex's profile (whether it was him bidding or her using his profile is unknown). The bids made using Alex's profile were removed by Crafty Moms'R'us after being alerted by a fan (or fans) and a complaint was submitted to me.

Jennifer Danyelle Blair - owner of Glitter and Mud, who now has the profile Jenniferand Lindsey Glitterandmud - Booked as a model through Magical Moments Modeling to model a bridal sash for Crystal Candy Couture. She received the sash (for which she paid nothing), but never delivered any pictures nor did she return the sash. The owner of Crystal Candy Couture kept trying to contact her via Magical Moments Modeling as per MMM's Boutique Partner rules and got various excuses and then no further communication. Still owes Crystal Candy Couture either pictures or the return of the bridal sash.

Jo Sew Crazy - owners Dawn Allison Ricketson (Dawn Allison Jensen) and Jo Abbey - Held a giveaway on Aug 8, 2014, for an in-stock shirt to have it made into an upcycle dress of choice. To enter, one had to like the giveaway pic and share it. Everyone was to have an equal chance to win if they did so. When the winner was chosen, however, only 4 people were picked for the winner to be chosen from. Those 4 people were ones who corresponded to Jo Abbey's birthday (8 for August, 20 for her date of birth, 50 for the year of her birth, and 64 for her age). Several people were upset over the way the winner was chosen, even one of those whose name was one of the 4 in the pick. A second drawing was held for a second winner with everyone's names who had shared originally. This time 3 names were drawn before a final winner was officially named. The first name drawn was Dawn's sister (her like and share weren't able to be seen either, might I add). To avoid backlash, a different name was drawn. The second name drawn was the original winner of the contest. She didn't want to be greedy by winning 2 dresses from the same contest, so a third name was drawn. This whole mess could have most likely been avoided if the owners would have just used a random number generator and a picture posted of that draw. Otherwise, let everyone know upfront that you will be pulling only certain names that are associated with someone's birthday and explain how you plan to do so.

Kandy Apple's Boutique - owner Kandace Smith - also has a Website - slow to ship, lies about shipping date, excuses about Paypal having issues (disputes & claims were actually filed against her) and being ill, spends customers' payments on other things before even making their items.

Kemery Ann - owner Kimberly Ann Loyst - Took an order for several clay pendants from a customer (in the US) on March 10, 2014. On April 23, customer was told the pendants were sent approx 10 days prior. On May 9, customer again inquired about the order and was told that it went air mail and should have been there but that vendor would get a replacement out right away. On May 27, customer asked if vendor was able to track the package to find out what had happened to it. Vendor said it had crossed into the US and should have arrived so she offered to rush an order with a few extras for the trouble. Customer asked about the tracking # so she could check with her local post office to see where it had gone. Vendor replied that she would replace them, and said that she has a confirmation number "but it doesn't track the same way your DC does" (which is a lie because postal confirmation numbers DO track the same way whether purchased in Canada or the US). On June 28, customer inquired about her order and received no response. On July 7, customer requested a refund and received no response or refund. **Customer contacted vendor one more time and finally did receive a refund on July 14, after requesting the refund and letting the vendor know she had reported her to my page.**

KSMonkeys - owner Amber Purkeypile Melzer - Was in a "models" group, where she offered discounted items (in this case  a dress, a pillowcase dress, and a July 4th shirt) in exchange for professional pictures. This was in May. The customer purchased items to match the theme of the dress Amber was to be making and had a shoot with those items in order to send pics to a family member to give her an idea of what to expect once she received the dress she purchased from Amber (because she was excited about it). After this, the customer began receiving stories about the package had already shipped (6/29), can't find the tracking, can remake or refund, then she didn't hear much from her for a month except that she was "working on the dress and trying to find the perfect design for you" (concerning a change in the shirt since the July 4th shirt never made it). The customer then sent Amber a logo that meant a lot to her to use for the shirt. Amber was supposed to have it done 8/15 or 8/16, so it should have shipped no later than 8/17. The customer inquired about it on 8/21 and got the excuse that the DESIGN ate the first shirt and that she just got a new shipment of shirts in and that it hopefully won't do it again but that if it does she will make another quickly and ship the next day. On 8/21, the customer requested that Amber send at least the dress because of a shoot that Saturday in which she'd like to utilize the dress. No response was received. In fact, the customer received no further response from Amber until 9/20 when she refunded the customer and apologized for the delay. Poor customer service, excuses, long wait time, and failure to deliver product. Her only saving grace was that she willingly refunded the customer.

Little Hussy - owner Catherine Hussey - also has the Little Hussy Website, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube - In June, company held a promo/giveaway stating if you signed up and got 5 others to sign up, you would receive a "Free VIP GIFT BOX". There were no specifications or rules stating that it was for Australia residents only. The promo went viral in the US as well as in Australia, thanks to some blog sites that found out about the promo. When it ended, an announcement was made that US winners would need to pay $9.99 shipping for their VIP boxes because they supposedly failed to provide a link to their contest landing page that they have ran for over a year where the Terms and Conditions are stated (showing a $14.99 shipping fee). If this is the case, why is it that ONLY those entries from the US have to pay the shipping fee? On her Facebook page, she said she didn't expect for the promo to go viral in the US and that she is a small company, etc. She posted the contest on the INTERNET on a popular SOCIAL MEDIA site that she has been a member of for several years. She is not new to Facebook so she should know that things can easily go viral online. She is also not new to being a business person, so should know that you put all your terms and conditions out there to protect yourself and your business. If you don't, you suck up the cost of your mistake. I can't speak of the laws in Australia, but if she were in the US, she would definitely be liable for running fraudulent contests/giveaways/scams by claiming that her gift box is free and then charging people for the shipping.

Livin' Sew Green - owner Christina Cardwell - excessive time delays in shipping and outrageous excuses for delays as well as ignoring repeated attempts to contact her.

Livvie Rose Tutus and Bows - owner Brooke Bradley - also has 'Livvie Rose Tutus and Bows' on Pinterest and 'Help Hannah Sing at Disney Created by Brooke Bradley' on GoFundMe - Held a Halloween photo contest, charging contestants $3 per photo entered. Three winners were to be chosen with prizes of 2 $20 off costume of your choice and a grand prize of a free costume (value of $55-$85). Winners were chosen. Grand prize winner made her choice of light pink Minnie Mouse costume and gave measurements on Sep 16. She also gave her shipping address and email address and was told she would receive a tracking number when it shipped. When she asked about the costume on Oct. 17, she was told if it shipped Tuesday, then it would be there by Thursday, Oct. 24. (She wanted her daughter to wear it for a party on the 25.) On the 25th, however, it still had not arrived, so the winner messaged again asking for the tracking. She was told it came back to her because it was shipped 1st class and was .3 over 13 ounces so it has to be sent priority. On the 29th, winner again asked for the tracking number with no response. On the 30th, she asked if the package had been reshipped and then sent another message asking to please keep her posted. Neither message received a response. Sometime on or after Nov. 1st, the Livvie Rose Tutus and Bows Facebook page was hidden or deactivated. Needless to say, the Halloween contest winner never received her Minnie Mouse costume or any further communication. Did the other two contest winners get the same treatment? Hmmmm.

Loopty Loop Bowtique - owner Megan Danielle Cabaniss - Though there has not been a scamming complaint posted, there were some screen shots verifying that she lied about being pregnant and having her "child" 2 months early, as well as calling a potential customer a fraud. If she would lie about a pregnancy & having the child early, what kind of business ethics does she have? Transact at your own risk!

Lorelei Church - owns Loreleis Charms and Laura Charms - contacted a photographer online regarding a trade of a photo session (of her children) for jewelry. The terms and date were set and she didn't show. The photographer waited an hour. Apparently the day was miscommunicated somehow, so session was rescheduled for the following week. When she shows up for the session, she doesn't have 2 of the agreed upon items for the trade, but said she will mail them the following day (which was fine with photographer). During the session, Lorelei sat at a picnic table and left it to the photographer to chase her 3 children (at the time, ages 10 1/2 months, 3, and 4) to get them to pose and obtain decent shots, rather than trying to help keep them under control to some degree and help get them to pose. After half an hour or so, Lorelei said she was ready to go, that the kids were just done, and that she was sure the photographer got a few good images anyway. She then got the kids and left. Photographer posted a sneak peek of 14 images on her photography page. Lorelei commented on them that she loved them, as did several other family and friends. She then used some of them in her timeline photos. Photographer messaged her about the remaining 2 items from trade. She said that they had been mailed, but that she just received someone else's package back that didn't have enough postage and she thinks that there is a problem with the photographer's pkg. She wanted to know if they could meet because her P.O. sucks and items don't normally come back right away, if at all (yet she just got one back right away that had just been mailed out). A date and time are set to meet so Lorelei can give photographer remaining items agreed upon in trade. Shortly before time to meet, photographer received a message from Lorelei asking how many pictures will be on her CD, also saying that she didn't like her preview (after saying that she did) and that the pictures were not good. She also said that if the items didn't come back in the mail, she wasn't remaking them and that she had not received her CD as promised (this was only about 10 days since her session and the photographer's page clearly states allow 2-4 weeks, as well as the fact that if someone pays or does a trade, they do not get their images until they have been paid in full). Photographer explained this to her, as well as the fact that she had originally said she loved the pictures, etc., which she refused to accept. Photographer offered to have Lorelei invoice her the price for materials minus gas and time for the jewelry she did receive, which Lorelei ignored. Sneak peek has been removed from photographer's page and due to copyright, photographer requested that any images be removed from Lorelei's pages as she has no right to them at this time (but she has not yet done so). Beware if dealing with this person!

Loris' Lovables - owner Lori Gala-Barger - also has the profile Michelle Cash - on Twitter and on Tumblr (also of The Jim And Lori Show on Facebook and on Wix and can be heard at this Link in an interview with Ethan Ullman which initially aired live on May 26, 2011 on WCDB 90.9FM in Albany, NY and on - Originally brought to my attention because of a "deal" for 6 crocheted hats in which the customer was to pay ASAP (in January 2013) but would not receive the hats until Christmas 2013, well outside of Paypal's 45 day buyer protection time period. During my investigation, it was found that Lori was behind by as much as 18 months on orders and was still accepting new orders. She brags about being featured on the Today show and Ellen but what she fails to mention is that it wasn't because of the quality of or worth of her product ~ it had to do with her sending out free hats. The business has a rating of F from the BBB with 6 complaints lodged against it within 2012. Lori's husband, Jim, tried to come to her rescue via email by saying that there was only 1 complaint with the BBB. I told him that he needed to check again, because there were 6 complaints against Lori with the BBB plus I had 2 who complained to me in order to warn others, not counting those who made comments on my page itself. Businesses who are behind in orders, as I told him, should be taking a break from taking on new orders temporarily to catch up on their old orders. When they don't do this, it is usually because of one of 3 reasons: 1) The business is new and doesn't know better (which doesn't apply here); 2) The business is being greedy and will ultimately fail because customers will ultimately get sick of waiting and having to deal with their money being "held hostage" while they have no product for months; or 3) The business is scamming. Since Loris' Lovables is not a new business, that leaves either reason 2 or reason 3 as the reason for her continuing to take on new orders. Which is it? Only she and her husband can answer that, but I can say that this is definitely a buyer beware business! I don't care how well she keeps you informed of when you should receive your order, if you aren't going to receive your crocheted hats by the end of 45 days from the date you paid, you need to file a dispute via Paypal to get your money back! UPDATE 8/8/13:  also connected to TBT Creations (Thoughts Become Things), her husband, Jim's page - Loris' Lovables takes orders for custom crocheted hats, collects payments for those hats, and then takes months to years to deliver the product ~ if the customer EVER gets their order. Has announced on her page that she is going to start refunding people for their hats. Thus far, refunds are NOT being processed. There is a page that has been created that is taking info to file a class action suit against this vendor. If you watch the vendor's page, the information for that page comes up in comments quite often (before Lori or Jim deletes it). Listed the connection to her husband's page due to the fact that they are, of course, married and living together. There have been questions from customers asking where their "inspiration angels" (Lori's husband's product) are, as well.

Love Me Ladybug Designs - owner Heather Schumacher - Uses stall techniques to push customers beyond the 45 day Paypal filing date on orders that she hasn't filled. In one case, she only filled an order once she was threatened with going to the Attorney General in Washington State.

Lucy Mullins - co-owner of OhMy Glitzness - Had been on BV list for failing to complete a high dollar trade transaction. She sent items to complete the trade. However, the items were HEAVILY perfumed. Even after 5 washings, the smell is still strong. The complainant's youngest child is unable to have anything with perfume in it at all.

Lush Lip Candy - owner Jocelyne Moore - announced her sister as the winner of a contest on her page and then tried to play it off like it was someone unknown by asking in the announcement for her to message her address to her using the "Message" button.

Mad Alli Designs and on the web - owner Trina Beall (and 2nd personal profile) - Poor workmanship (one whole side not completely sewn on a laptop case), poor customer service (claims it was fine when it was sent, that she even had a 3rd party to check it before mailing it), refused to refund even part of the payment so that the customer could have the case finished/repaired. Customer had to file with Paypal to get her money back.

Magical Moments Modeling - owner Nicole Marie Lunghi-Mesropian - also owns/admins the closed groups Magical Moments Lounge, MMM Casting Calls ONLY, Magical Moments Booking Party, and Magical Photography - Under Magical Moments Modeling's Boutique Partner rules/agreement, Nicole has set herself up as a booking agent for her models since all contact must be done through her. In doing so, she is also responsible for when her models don't follow through with their booking, as was the case with Jennifer Danyelle Blair (listed previously). MMM had even suggested that Crystal Candy Couture invoice Jennifer's PayPal for the cost of the bridal sash, but CCC could not do so since she didn't have that info (again, refer to MMM's Boutique Partner rules). When you set yourself as a booking agent, you place yourself as responsible also. You can't make a few contacts, make a suggestion, and then hope it goes away.

#McKinley Island Props (now McKinley Designs) - owner Joanna McKinley - also owns/runs/oversees/admins McKinley Photography (and its corresponding website), TheIslands PhotoPageants, the websites The Islands Pageant System and Help Scammed Pageant Children (the latter has been frozen by the site's abuse team) and the groups M & C Model LoungeThe Islands Magazine, and Boutique Shop Reviews and Directory! - fails to inform customers upfront of items being sent from another company to the customer; slow shipping time; rude comments when refunding that basically blame the customer ("Remember there is a way to treat people and this is not it!" - McKinley Island Props)

MoMo's - Showed very poor customer service and ethics concerning a charity auction, forcing the auction recipient to refund for an item MoMo's had not even started making a month after the auction's end. Also became rather rude towards the customer who won the item by stating that giveaway and auction items that were donated get done last. She said for the customer to leave her paypal addy ~ that she has no problem refunding customers who feel they have waited too long for an order (while knowing full well that SHE wasn't refunding ANYTHING ~ that the auction recipient would be forced to refund the money).

Monica Garcia (aka Monica Smiles- owner/operator of the group Smelly Smiles and former owner of Closet Cleanout - the page that scammed a lot of people out of a lot of money from auctions for the families of two "dead" people - a lady and a child - who aren't actually dead.

Myrna Villa  - Made a trade with another vendor. Vendor sent Myrna her part of the trade but received nothing in return. After being contacted by vendor, Myrna said she was sending back one of the 4 items because it didn't fit her & would send 3 bows instead of the original item agreed upon for trade due to the price difference created by the return. After almost a month vendor received her returned item but no bows so she asked about them again. Myrna this time said 2 of the remaining items were broken/not working & she would be sending those back. A month later, the "broken/not working" items still hadn't been sent. Myrna gave the vendor a DC# which was invalid. Vendor contacted Myrna about DC# not showing anything to find out ETA which Myrna said was 5 days (it had already been 6 days since bows were supposed to have been mailed). Myrna told vendor to just invoice her for the 3 items she sent and if she got the bows she could just keep them because she wanted to "be done with this." Invoice went unpaid for several days, so vendor again contacted Myrna who finally gifted the money to her. Total time from date of "trade deal" to receipt of payment was 4 months with many excuses from Myrna and a lot of giving the vendor the runaround.

NeeNee's Goods - owner Taisha Hernandez (or Santiago or Garcia or Andino ~ she keeps changing her last name between these 4 last names on her profile) - also uses the profiles Taisha Garcia (currently inactive/deleted), Noeme LugoTY GarciaEstrella No'LovePrecious Bella Perez (Chikita Linda)Alex Ag, and Taisha Gaya - runs Gigi's TreasuresHeavenly Pleasures on Cloud 9Get Sexy Fit With Taisha, and the closed group Games raffles & much more with small vendors & fans; also has the websites: Jewelry In Candles (Taisha Hernandez's Store), Younique Products (Taisha Andino, Independent Presenter), SoyL Scents (under the name Estrella Hernandez, or "Star the admin", as she has been known at NeeNee's Goods), Avon Representative (under the name Noeme Lugo), and the Kitsy Lane page Estrellasbling (under the name Taisha Andino) - Hosts games and giveaways on her page that many of her family members tend to win. Vendors who are sponsoring the games/giveaways are receiving messages that winners are people such as Noeme Lugo (her mother), Alex Ag (apparently supposed to be her son's profile, but it was her mother's address), and other profiles she has been known to use with the same mailing address.

Olivia Lee Willoughby - owns Little Lambs Crochet Gifts and Props and Olivia's Crochet - ordered photo prints from another vendor with whom she had a disagreement over the prints and because PayPal account was in her boyfriend's name, he claimed he never authorized the payment. Due to this, payment was almost immediately frozen and then reversed, leaving the vendor without payment. Luckily, vendor was smart enough to not give the prints without full payment first! Beware vendors!

One Crafty Chick - owner Susan Drasher - created the profile of Michelle Morris (which she has since deleted) supposedly for her elderly neighbor to bid on HER items in auctions. First, why create the profile for her to bid only on your items instead of just making the items and selling them directly to her at a discounted price? Second, why make the URL in your name instead of hers? Why delete the account if you were doing nothing wrong, as you claim? Definitely shady!

One Woman Many Ideas Giveaways (closed group) - admin Andrea Richards Henry - also runs One Woman Many Ideas - Held a giveaway in March in which 4 people were each supposed to win a $100 gift certificate to the winner's choice of sponsors. Each vendor paid $20 to be a sponsor in the giveaway. When winners were chosen, one person chose the host's (Andrea's) page, one person chose the page of co-admin Kristi Flanagan (who is not showing as an admin in the group now), and 2 winners were redrawn due to being unclaimed. One redraw winner chose a random sponsor and the second redraw winner wanted cash (she apparently didn't read the rules or didn't understand them). Rather than explaining the rules to this winner and allowing her to choose a sponsor, Andrea supposedly took it upon herself to send the winner $100 worth of her products. Some of the vendors felt that it was rather shady that both admins were chosen and that one of the redraws was supposedly sent $100 in product by Andrea rather than having the rules explained so she could choose a sponsor (or being redrawn). Those vendors who questioned or commented on the legitimacy of the giveaway were deleted from the group by Andrea or Kristi. (Andrea blamed her co-admin because she claimed she was unable to access the group during the time that certain vendors were deleted.) The same vendors were also blocked from Andrea's personal profile. How legit does that sound?

Overcash Clothes, Bows, & Cloth Diapers - owner Helena Rose Overcash - held a giveaway (shipping to be paid by winner) in which a tutu was won that the winner was told would fit a 10 yr old - winner offered to send child's measurements, but was told by Helena that she, herself, can wear the tutu, so it would fit the child. Upon receipt of the tutu, it would not fit as it was for a child up to 4 yrs old. When winner tried to get a refund & return the item, the vendor refused it, saying she was informed in advance that it only fits a child up to 4. Finally Helena did give a refund upon winner filing a dispute and then sent the winner a rude message telling her to enjoy her free tutu and that she'd not be eligible to win any of her giveaways again.

Paige Couponaddict - also uses the name Crystal Keller - caught changing her name to Crystal Keller during a giveaway when the winner was announced as that name, but was a different Crystal Keller (who was a long-standing customer of the page). When the profile pics, location and email addresses didn't match, the vendor knew something was wrong and found that Crystal (Paige) hadn't even entered the giveaway. She then called her out on it in private messages. She later found the mismatch in the names when "Crystal" changed her name back to Paige and the vendor reported her at that point.

PlumSugah - owner (to whom you may talk) Sugah Plum - owner's real name is Heather Altman, who now lives in Missouri (at the time she created her etsy page, she apparently lived in Georgia ~ anyone who has ordered from her will recognize the "Graycelee" name, though) - When ordering from PlumSugah, it's hard to tell when you will actually get your order. It took 3 months for the complainant to receive her order ~ still a full 2 months after receiving the items for the customized part of the order. The complainant was given the runaround with excuses (lost pkg, having it tracked down, found, the label was messed up, now being re-routed with tracking). The post office tracked a package that didn't have tracking to start?

Pretty Girl Boutique - owner Shannon Marie - Has been listing 2-3 particular bows (one being a One Direction "1D" bow) in some auctions but fails to deliver them to the customer after accepting payment for them. Tells the customer they have been shipped when they have not (repeatedly). Refunds money and bans customer when threatened with filing a Paypal dispute after the customer passes a one-month wait/nears 45 days. This has happened to at least 2 customers over the same exact bows thus far. Although customers have received refunds, I felt it was worthy of being noted on this list because of the hassle it creates for the customer(s) while time is wasted and their money is "held hostage" for something they aren't going to receive. UPDATE: The first customer received her bows plus a free bow 45 days after she had paid for them, been refunded, and banned from the page. The second customer received her bow 45 days after paying, being refunded, and banned as well. However, the bow was not the correct colors and the center was different, although the theme of the bow was still the same. The vendor wants the second customer to tell everyone that she DID receive her bow to "undo the damage she did."

Princess Attitudes is ordering tutu bow holders from China and claiming that she is making them herself. She orders them in lots of 12 at $165 and is selling them at $35 each. She's making $21.25 on each bow holder or $225 per lot, quite a profit for something she CLAIMS she is making! (You might want to read up on false advertising and fraud.)

RazzMatazz Models - owner Misty Cosgray (Misty Priest) - also has the closed group RazzMatazz Model Family - held a booking party for models/boutiques with a reward for the boutiques that booked the most models for free. Winners were announced on the page on June 2. Prize was to be $18 and has never been awarded. Also a mother who paid to enter her daughter in a model contest that was canceled requested a refund. Misty said the money was being transferred to 3 different booking parties instead. The mother said she would rather have the refund. Misty agreed to the refund but has put off sending the refund and the mother has yet to see any money returned to her. Then she posted in her closed group  under a boo hoo story to explain her situation this comment: "Also please remember that if you pay an invoice from RazzMatazz Models, All invoices state that ALL PAYMENTS ARE FINAL AND NON-REFUNDABLE and I have no obligation to return funds!!" Well, how's that for customer service? Nice isn't it?

Regina's Crocheted Creations & more~ - owner Regina Fletcher - participated in an auction in which hats were won and paid for by a customer in mid-February. On Feb 18, Regina told the customer that the hats were being shipped that Tuesday after the holiday. However, they didn't go out then. On March 16, Regina said they would go out "tomorrow or Monday". Again, they didn't. On March 27, Regina said that "It should have been sent out already." Again, the order hadn't. The customer decided it was time to file a Paypal dispute before her time frame to do so ran out. Upon receiving the dispute, Regina sent this message to the customer: "i will not be sending your hats, your dispute has overdrawn my bank account and i am now in the negativeas i didnt have any money in my paypal whatsoever.. thanks a bunch for that.....i hope
you really do realize this was out of my control. enjoy your week....while i will be here with no food for my children." An hour later, she then sent this one: "actually...because you are OBVIOUSLY more hard up than i am for cash, or else you wouldnt have done this after i already told you there being going to send your right now. enjoy, and please never involve youreself in my auctions again." In a later message, Regina blamed her husband for not mailing the hats while she was 3 hrs away taking care of his grandmother. She also called the customer a bitch in another message for filing the dispute. She again tried to make the customer feel guilty for filing the dispute by saying her children wouldn't be able to eat dinner that whole week and that she probably couldn't even afford to buy a loaf of bread to make them a slice of toast for breakfast. Lies and poor customer service on Regina's part. Beware!

Rhinestone Cowgirl Bling - owner Laura Wood-Dunn - entered an auction, listing herself as a different vendor, including links to the other vendor's site, then bid on her own items using a fake profile with her daughter's name and her own email addy, then invoiced the winner using her real vendor/page name and email addy she'd used to up the bids on her items. Needless to say, the winner of the auction refused to pay since she was invoiced by someone other than who she thought she was supposed to be winning an item from!

Sabrina Slater - admin of the group Cheap boutique buy ins - and owner of Bella-Rina Bows - takes excessive time to ship, ships partial orders and charges to ship the part she "forgot", bans people from the group if they ask about their order, and sends them very rude messages from her personal profile.

#Sailor Say - Embroidered Felties - owner #Brandi Dobbins (profile 1), Brandi Dobbins (profile 2), Brandi Rose Dobbins (profile 3) - also has Color Me in Stitches and the secret group Sailor Say - Embroidered Felties. Fell behind on orders, then listed DC#s in PayPal (but didn't ship out until 6 days after entering the #s), "husband" told complainant that Brandi was in the hospital but she was posting pictures from her home on one of her personal profiles during the same time. When she returned from the weekend, she posted in her group a message about the mean, nasty PMs she received concerning the outstanding orders she owes people. She also then posted a couple of pictures of her sewing room after her husband and son fixed it up that weekend. She said she wanted to share one of the reasons for her absence that weekend. (Did she mean besides the hospital? Hmmmm.) Although complainant received refund, I felt vendor was worthy of being placed because she is behind on orders, she put in DC#s almost a week early, her "husband" lied about her being in the hospital when she posted pics from her own home on one of her profiles, she sent the wrong items to the complainant (including random extras that could not be used). Shortly after the complainant received her refund, the Sailor Say - Embroidered Felties page disappeared. During the time that this complaint was under review, Brandi's profile #1 also disappeared (this was the profile she used to communicate with the complainant).

Sassy Pink Princess Bowtique - Ann Hicks (yes, a 2nd entry for her) - was part of a destash group that had problems with her, as she was caught changing prices. Complainant had to wait a full month for her destash order to arrive. Also, Ann is using two different Paypal accounts, one shows as a Verified recipient while the other shows as being Unverified (to Verify a PayPal account, one must link a bank account to their PayPal account or be approved for PayPal Smart Connect or the PayPal Plus MasterCard®, according to Paypal).

Sassy Sweet Creations - owner Stefanie Reeve (Ballok) - Held a preorder in May 2014. Customer ordered and paid for an Elsa doll from this preorder on May 31. On July 14, customer inquired about the ETA on the order and was informed that she (Stefanie) decided to switch the original doll with a stuffed doll because the original was junk, didn't stay together or sing and asked if she (customer) wanted that one. Of course, if it was better, she did. The next day, she also informed the customer that there would be an additional fee for shipping. The customer decided at that point to just cancel her order. Additional fees and any possible changes in items should have been disclosed upfront, not after the fact.

**Serenity's Boutique** - owner Monica Gilpin Pickard - also owns Serenity's Photography - When she reached 800 fans on her **Serenity's Boutique** page, she held a giveaway where the winner was chosen by The winner was Rachel Styles who turned out to be Monica herself. There is a screenshot of her admitting to this when accused of being Rachel and another contest winner (she denied being the other winner). She has also been selling knock-off Nikes purchased from China, so buyer beware!

Serenity Jayde aka Brianne Caswell - who now runs Curvy Brushes - Complainant placed an order with Serenity Jayde in July for 2 sets of Deco Letters. One set was apparently finally completed in September and a picture was shown to the customer with excuses about the vendor having problems getting the right look with the other set. She asked the customer if there was another theme in which she would be interested (despite having paid extra for the Lego theme she chose). The customer chose a different theme (making it simple this time, she chose colors of her son's favorite football team). This change happened in early October. The customer heard nothing further from the vendor until January when she received this message: "Hello, On behalf of Serenity Jayde I want to apologize for the delay in your order. Due to an uncontrolable turn of events we we're (sic) unable to deliver your order in a timely matter (sic). For your order we have two options. I can have your order shipped and there around next month or we can issue a refund which you will recieve (sic) around March 1st 2014. Again we apologize for your very unprofessional experience with Serenity Jayde." The customer tried to send a reply but was unable to do so because the profile had suddenly disappeared. It did reappear a day or two later, however. Serenity Jayde aka Brianne has started a new business doing the same thing she was doing under the Serenity Jayde name - making customized letters. If she can't fulfill her orders under one business name, she can't do it by opening a new page either. Take care of old business first!

Smock-A-Palooza - admins Grace Cole, Katee MacCauley, and Allie (last name unknown) - also runs a corresponding blog - held two shady giveaways in 2012: a $150 cash giveaway in August and a $900 cash giveaway in November. The winner of both of these giveaways created their profiles within the last 2 days of the giveaways. The email address SAP gave for the winner of the $900 was a bogus email address (used long enough to collect the money only). SAP banned fans who were raising concerns about the $900 giveaway and fake winner, then they deleted the posts concerning the winners of both giveaways. There were also several people who have openly complained about paying for advertising and not receiving it. Those complaint posts were also deleted. Best advice ~ steer clear!

Star Deals, Hydro Deals, Muggies Deals, Razor Deals, and Wandering Bargains are all pages that post "freebies" that lead to Free Stuff Hut. Granted, they do post a lot of real freebies. However, they also post A LOT of fake freebies ~ advertisements that once you've filled out the forms, you end up with a lot of unnecessary spam email or spam postal mail. These pages make anywhere from 3-8 of these fake freebie posts in an hour, leave them up for only about 10 minutes or so, and then delete the post. Why do they do this? Most likely scenario is that they get paid for each person that clicks on the link or fills out that form. The easiest way to tell which are the fake freebies is when you get to the page, if there is only one red link, it's a fake freebie. If there are 2 red links, it's a legit freebie (the top red link is the actual freebie link).

Stephanie Elizabeth (aka Stephanie Genger) - owns S&Ks Bowtique - Purchases items (bows, headbands, etc.) from various boutiques at a discounted rate as well as receives many items free, both via modeling bookings online for her daughter. She then lists many of these items for resale in groups without giving credit to the vendor who created the item. Some of the vendors have not even received pictures prior to her listing their items for resale. In addition, she has tried to file disputes via PayPal against some vendors whose items she put up for resale for not sending products. Definitely beware if dealing with this person!

Tally Waggs - owner Katye Mlissa Stilen - Accepted products on consignment from another vendor, sold at least one of those items admittedly, never paid the vendor or returned the unsold products to the vendor from whom she accepted them, despite being told she was going to be sent the items a couple of times. Katye has since cut off all communication to that vendor.

Teen Parents United (uncensored) - owners Nik Macc and Lacey Jade Kilcrease - Held a giveaway in which the two of them won a large share of the prizes themselves. A lot of the sponsors backed out because of this. Also, at least one of the prizes listed was bogus because the "sponsor" was never contacted nor authorized a donation to be entered in the giveaway.

Texas Trash - Vendor claims that no two items will ever be exactly alike, but one item in complainant's order was absolutely NOTHING like what she ordered. Customer ordered crosses from this vendor and the biggest problem was that one of the crosses bared no resemblance to the picture of the cross that was ordered, not in shape, not in style, and not in cut ~ and it was broken by the vendor (either while carving it or when attaching the cowhide). A second cross was warped (unknown if this was shipped out like that or if it happened during shipping, but it arrived warped). Vendor did refund customer's money but customer had to pay out of her own pocket to return the damaged goods.

The Lemonade Stand/Nicole's Wire Wrapped Jewelery - excessively long shipping times and poor communication after Paypal's 45 day filing time limit has passed.

Tuck My Fans in With Business - owner Tara Tucker (profile 1) - also has another personal profile under Tara Tucker (profile 2) - also has the pages Tuck me in Blankets, Jump On In Ladders & Networking, My Little Networking Page: Fans are Magic, We love Escaladders to Escalate fans, and the group Tuck My Fans in With Business and Ladders! - Has been holding rather shady cash giveaways and when questioned by people (even those vendors who have sponsored the giveaways), those who are asking questions are deleted and banned. In one giveaway for $500, a winner named Mary Wilson was chosen. Mary was on Tara's friends list. In a giveaway for $750, a winner (another person on Tara's friends list) was named whose profile read 'Sharon Reed'. However, Sharon's profile was listed on a URL (web address) for a 'Jake Crandall'. The gender also was listed as male. Both of these things have since been changed (Facebook does allow URL changes on occasion). Everything else about the profile remained the same. The most recent giveaway (in March) had 2 winners of $500 each. These winners were Dorothy Cox and Justin Steele. Both Dorothy and Justin have profiles that were created on February 6, 2014. Dorothy's profile pic is an image stolen from an animal shelter site in NY. Justin's profile pic is the pic stolen from the REAL Justin Steele's LinkedIn account. Ironically, Tara has been posting on her personal profile about all the new stuff she and her boyfriend have been purchasing lately. On March 14, she posted about buying a new TV, buying new furniture the next day, and buying a table. She was telling how exciting it was to be able to buy these things that she never could before. On March 15, she posted a pic of the Coach purse that her boyfriend bought her. On March 16, she posted that they officially bought brand new furniture. Interesting, no?

TuTu Fancy Designs - owner Candace Burton Carpenter - also has the etsy shop 'TuTu Fancy Designs' and etsy profile Candace Carpenter - purchased a Monster High bow from another vendor in an auction. She then pulled the tulle off that bow and resold it as her own creation along with a Monster High necklace instead of giving proper credit to the actual creator of the bow. Beware if this vendor purchases your creations!

TuTu Sweet Bows - co-owner Shelbi Buller - strings you along for months after winning a prize or for an order. If you change your order, find fault in any part of your order, or question her about why it's taking so long, her attitude changes. She tries to turn things around to look like it's your fault it's taking so long, it's your fault something is wrong with the order, etc. Whatever is wrong, it's all your fault. She will then decide that she is going to "refuse service" to you after all these months. What service? Poor customer service? Update 9/16/13 - Now takes orders via the phone only. Make sure you record your phone conversations if you order because you have no other proof of your order specifics if you don't. There has already been a complaint filed about an incorrect phone order that she said was exactly as specified and shipped later than stated. Luckily, the customer had originally started discussing it in private messages on Facebook, got it confirmed, and then Shelbi had her to call the order in. That didn't stop Shelbi from trying to charge the customer half the cost of correcting the error that was clearly her own fault. When the customer refused to pay half, Shelbi told the customer that she was rude and that she was deleting her messages and that she refused to argue with her. Nice customer service.

Twirlicious & Company - owner Charity Cornwell Hess - also has a personal Etsy page Charity Hess and Pinterest page Charity Hess - also had the currently closed pages:  Big Cartel and Etsy - Original order, placed nearly 2 months in advance, was never fulfilled though it was marked as shipped a week before it was absolutely needed (as it was to be a Halloween costume). At the very last minute, the vendor begged to change it to a Christmas outfit, giving the customer no real choice in the matter as the Halloween costume would not arrive in time anyway. Customer left negative feedback for vendor but vendor begged the customer to change it and promised to make things right with the Christmas outfit. Customer agreed and changed the feedback. The customer finally received the outfit on Dec 1, 2012, and it was incorrect, despite the quality of the part that was made by the vendor. The package included a gingerbread dress (which was correct), plain socks (instead of peppermint tights), a green petticoat (correct item but was too small), and a plain red Old Navy undershirt (freebie apparently). Customer was happy to finally have her package and be done with this vendor, but quite unhappy with customer service as well as the fact that she paid $111 to not get what she ordered EITHER TIME. As a side note, this vendor has a rating of D- with the BBB and a lot of recent negative feedback on some sites, so buyer beware!

Victoria Marie Moore - owner of Friendly Vicky's Bowtique and Vicky's Bowtique - Won a discount towards an order from The Crystal Heart Factory in a giveaway. She placed an order, received her discount and paid, order was sent to the address on her Paypal (for Elijah Michael in NC) with tracking and was received. Vicky tried to say she never received the item and that she didn't know the person to whom it was shipped. The Crystal Heart Factory told her to contact Paypal if her account had been hacked so they could launch an investigation and pursue matters to the fullest. Vicky said she would, but that was the last that The Crystal Heart Factory heard from Vicky about the matter. It is worthy to note that Vicky sent them a screenshot to show them her Paypal addresses, showing only 3 ~ 2 that were hers and one belonging to a Joshua Tobin in Oklahoma. However, on the right side of the screenshot, you can see the scroll bar with a lot of empty space below it ~ meaning there are quite a few other addresses that weren't showing. Be very careful if she orders from you. Use ONLY the address listed on her Paypal so that you are covered!

Viva La Brightside - posted about her “assistant” & asked fans on the page about their experiences with said “assistant,” saying she was considering firing her (despite that “assistant“ accesses the page daily) - seemingly shady story to cover up/put blame on another for any possible issues with orders.

Yvette Newman (profile) - Yvette Newman (2nd profile) and also has the Facebook page Touch of Magic Diaper Cakes and More, the groups PRESS YOUR LUCKWHOLESALE ITEMS (BUY IN BULK), DEAL OR NO DEAL, the closed group AWESOME DRAWINGS AND GAMES, and sells on eBay under the name jak-of-trades - has been listing items for sale and holding raffles where she asks customers/fans to gift the money to her via Paypal. Gifting money via Paypal to a vendor 1) is against Paypal TOS, 2) is very shady, and 3) provides ZERO protection for the customer per Paypal if the customer doesn't receive their order/product/item. In March 2013, an  incident that occurred due to her failure to follow all rules in a giveaway held at A 1 Savings (all entrants were to agree to the rules ~ Yvette had not, which disqualified her from winning). A 1 Savings had announced Yvette as the winner prematurely and then saw that she had not agreed to the rules, DQ'd her, and chose a new winner. Yvette began a smear campaign due to not winning when it was her own fault for not following all the rules of the giveaway. UPDATE 8/8/13:  Has been harassing people in order to try to get them to buy tickets to her raffles, even having her friends to message people when they tell Yvette no and/or block her.

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