Bad Buyers

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Robin Michelle Scott - said she was sponsoring children at J4GD for Christmas, but was only trying to get paid for shipping costs that she never incurred

The following placed orders and never followed through with payment once items were ready:
Adina Marie Horton
AmandaAnd BrandonBledsoe
Amber Lashay Maddox
Andrea Hoffman
Angel Denise Graham
Ann Hicks
April Diane (April Coleman)
Bonita Krivitz-Rynders
Brigette Sandoval
#Brittany Kirksey
Brook N Derek
Brynn Lass
Cheryl Hicks - Pinky Promise
Christia M. Torres Arce - owns chrisM. photography
Classy Zebra
Dianna Stinnett
Donna Dunn Altman
Erika Torres
Hannah Mullins
Heather Garrison
#Janice Gonzalez
#Jennifer Ann Gooding
Jennifer Crabtree
Jentri Caldwell Jones
Jewels Moran
Julie Joy
#Karri Dunn
Kaylee Villarreal Momager (momager profile) and Alexandra Aguirre Villarreal (personal profile)
Kelsey Kitchen Trahan
Kourtney Blehm Peabody
Latosha Jones Thornsberry
Lisa Jett
#Lori Ann Merrifield
Marci Davis
Mallory Cardin
Miranda Loftice
Ryshele Mcswain
Stephanie Brown
Tiffany Crapsey (new profile) and Tiffany Crapsey (main profile)
Uneek Gurlz Hairbows, Bling and More - owner Kristin Dudley

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