Vendors/Pages Requesting Payments to Be Gifted

The vendors/pages listed below have requested that payments be gifted to them, which 1) is against Paypal's User Agreement and 2) leaves the customer unprotected if the product doesn't arrive. If the vendor's name is followed by "first offense", it means that this is the first time this vendor has been reported and the vendor has a chance to correct the issue and be removed from the list. If the vendor's name is followed by "Repeat Offender", it means that this vendor has been reported on more than one occasion (been on the list previously and removed) and blatantly disregards Paypal's User Agreement and his/her customers' protection. The repeat offenders are definitely vendors with whom you would want to use caution!

1. Amanda Webster - also had the profile Amanda Webster - has a secret group at groups/DesignsbyladyWholesaleDesigns that may be called Wholesale Embroidery Group (that's the name at the top of the form one must fill out when joining the group) and has the page ScmtkwcDigital Embroidery-Files - "first offense"
2. For The Love Of BottleCaps! (group) - admins Bianca Manes and Chrissy Johnson - "first offense"
3. (JBLM) Joint Base Lewis-McChord Families for Business Advertisment - "first offense"
4. Laurie Lynn - owner of Twisted Knot Accessories Store, Magical Moments - Newborn Photography PropsHeadband Dreams & More4 Reasons Magic AuctionsDreamland Supplies & More, Crochet Magic By Laurie, and  the closed group Crochet Magic By Laurie Vendor Group,  and is an admin in the closed group 4 Reasons Magic Auctions Vendors GroupDreams Galore Buy In and Supply Destash group, and eBay ID crochetmagicbylaurie2012. Also has/d the profile Laurie Sazueta (Martzen). "first offense"
5. Stacey Rothman - co-admin of the closed group RIBBONS AND MORE OH MY! - "Repeat Offender"

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