Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cancer Survivor, My A$$

Brandi Titus-Carson has been claiming for quite some time that she has breast cancer and ovarian cancer. She is not telling everyone this, as she is not telling family and close friends that she has it. She has been telling her employer, co-workers, certain local people, and now social media. Via a co-worker, a benefit dinner was set up including a raffle and auction for Brandi. This co-worker set up a group on Facebook, Brandi's Cancer Benefit, for this dinner/raffle/auction. This same co-worker also set up a YouCaring account, Brandi Carson - Fighter & Survivor Cancer Benefit, to raise funds for Brandi which is being promoted by Brandi's employer, Fairmont Veterinary Hospital.

One of her family members found out about it, however, and has disputed all of her story. In July and August 2013, she was working in a hayfield, not going through diagnosis or treatment of cancer nor being life flighted to any hospital for emergency surgery. In fact, she told her family that she was given extra time off from work so she could work in the hayfield! If she had been life flighted out to a hospital for emergency surgery, her family would definitely have known since she was working in the hayfield with several of them! She didn't have a complete hysterectomy; her sister and her sister-in-law did. Brandi has not had a mastectomy either. She still has both her breasts. She has not undergone any chemotherapy or radiation treatments. For someone who has been to The Cancer Centers of America, you would think that she would make sure that her co-worker would get the abbreviation correct, but even that is wrong as she has it listed as CCTOA when it should be CTCA. Brandi is scamming people and causing her co-worker to perpetuate the scam. Do NOT fall for this!!

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