Friday, March 14, 2014

Most Recent Additions to the Blog Lists

Here are the most recent additions to the blog lists. As always, if it says "full explanation on the list entry" in parentheses, you will need to go to the list and read the entry to find out more. Don't comment on my page to ask why they are listed if you don't go read the entry. Thank you!

Disappointing Vendor List
1. Lovely Rack Boutique - owner Jiselle Martinez (Jiselle Zermeno)
2. Stupid Jewelry Box Bling - owner Heather Johnston

Bad Vendor List
1. A Crafter's Bliss - admin Misty Moya - also owns The Design Queen
2. #LiL MISS Havens bLiNg - owner #Roxy Huskey - also owned Bling Bling Couture and Bling Bling Couture Kids

Beware List
(full explanation on the list entry)
1. #Sailor Say - Embroidered Felties - owner #Brandi Dobbins (profile 1), Brandi Dobbins (profile 2), Brandi Rose Dobbins (profile 3) - also has Color Me in Stitches and the secret group Sailor Say - Embroidered Felties.

Imitation List
(full explanation on the list entry)
1. DIY & Crafting Universe, owner Amber Elizabeth Johnson, who also has the DIY & Crafting Universe Etsy page

Vendors/Pages Requesting Payments to Be Gifted
1. Picture Me Models - owner Dakri Tyson Lukowski - "first offense"

Updates to Some Already on the Lists
1. #Hookin & Sewin (Bad Vendor list) - link to Jessica Lermer added and business page added.
2. Loris' Lovables (Bad Vendor list and Beware list) - Michelle Cash profile added.
3. Pure Romance by Loretta Riddle (Bad Vendor list) - 2/20/14 Update (4 more business pages added) and 2 profile links updated.

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