Thursday, March 6, 2014

Is Kentucky Contractor Actually Giving Away Money?

CNCC Contracting, owned by Brandon Mattingly (who also has this second personal profile), began "promoting" his business by means of a $100 giveaway on February 9, 2014. It was first posted on the page by Brandon on one of his profiles and then by the page.

Later that morning, Brandon decided to up the ante and start a second contest. The prize on this contest was $500 but there was no stated end date. Again, he first posted from his personal profile and then from the page account.

Only minutes later, Brandon makes two more posts (again from the two different accounts). This time he states there is $1100 up for grabs.

Now Brandon doesn't specify in either of the above posts that the $1100 is two $500 prizes and one $100 prize (two of which he has already posted, so this would just be a 2nd $500 giveaway). He talks about that in a video posted March 5, 2014.

On March 5, 2014, CNCC posted this status. He then commented on the post 5 hours later.

He has now started yet another contest/giveaway. This time the prize is $1500. This contest was just posted on March 5, 2014.

Okay, let's go back to the original $100 giveaway. It was supposed to last until Feb. 21, 2014, at which time a winner would be selected. Was a winner selected? Apparently not. I commented on the post this morning asking about it since I'd received "complaints" asking me to look into this business' shady giveaways.

You can guess what happened. Brandon deleted his entire post! That's right ~ his ENTIRE post!

Okay fine. I'll just post it to the page then. How long will it take him to delete that? Shockingly, he responded!

Then he deleted my post minutes later, as you can see it's no longer listed in the recent posts by others.

I find it very odd that Brandon posted 3 giveaways for $1100 within a matter of hours on the same day (February 9, 2014). One of those giveaways was supposed to end on February 21 and didn't. The other two have no end date (very suspicious). He has now started yet another giveaway with an even larger prize and hasn't ended the other three giveaways?? I'm sorry, but that screams shyster! He appears to be dragging the contests out just to try to raise his fan count in an attempt to gain new customers. The fact that he deleted both of my comments makes him look even shadier. If I were someone in that area, I would steer clear of a business like that! I don't feel he plans to give away a dime to anyone in these "contests."

Update 3/6/14 4:20p:  CNCC Contracting made two posts today concerning the $100 giveaway. The second was the announcement of the winner of the $100. See the posts below.

This was posted at 9:49am. (Apparently the Caution! page is now "Facebook.")

The winner was posted at 2:59pm.

Update 3/7/14 4:30am:  I spoke to Brandon last evening via inbox messages after he had his little rant on the CNCC Consulting page, posted 2 videos to me and asked his fans to back him up. During this conversation, I mentioned that one of my fans brought up the fact that his $100 winner was on his friends list. This was his response.

Not exactly a random drawing, was it?

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