Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Katie's Krazy Savings Caught in Lie Concerning Fan of the Week

Well, well, well, it looks like Katie Cockerham has done it again. I wish I would have been able to snag a screenshot of the original post showing the winner of the Walmart card, but unfortunately, I didn't. I'm sure that person won't receive her gift card now. Why do I say that? Here is why...

Katie posted her "Fan of the Week" announcing the winner of a Walmart gift card. At the end of the post, she had a disclaimer for winners to please allow 3 weeks for delivery of gift cards. That post disappeared by the morning of 1/27/14. I made mention of this in an email to her at 8:01 AM that morning (see the highlighted portion of the email message below).

To try to cover her tracks, she then made up an excuse about Facebook deleting it for using the word "share" in her post. Hmmm, I've NEVER known of anyone having a post removed by Facebook for using the word "share"! I don't know who she is trying to lie to, but she definitely isn't lying to me! I'm not falling for it!

Of course, she then had to hurry and post something on Facebook to cover her tracks so she seemed legit (notice the timing of the post ~ after I had mentioned the disappearance of her original post).

So, did she "pin it" again later that day? Of course not! In fact, if you check her page, Katie's Krazy Savings, that post is completely GONE!! Yes, she has deleted it! Maybe, if you believe her, Facebook deleted it because it has the word "pin" in it or some other word. smh!

The fact is that she made that post to cover her tracks when I called her out in email about deleting her Fan of the Week post. She rectified the situation with one of the two people who made complaints about her and was supposedly working on the 2nd one. By last night she figured the heat was off her, so she deleted that post. What she wasn't counting on, however, was that other people were watching her and let me know that the post disappeared. She was caught in her own lie(s).

Update 10:48 AM: Katie had hidden her post (not deleted it) because it is now showing again on her page. I definitely made sure it wasn't on her page prior to posting by reloading and signing out and dumping cookies several times prior to making this blog post. She is fooling no one but herself.

Update 12:30 PM: I am now banned from her page (I can see it, but am unable to interact with it by posting, commenting, or liking anything on it).

Update 1/29/14 @ 8:16 AM: After unhiding her post, Katie never did pin the "Fan of the Week" post again as she stated she would.

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