Tuesday, January 21, 2014

BellaBug Flowers and Bows is Coming Clean? Don't Bet on It

The "owner" of BellaBug Flowers and Bows made a post on January 8, 2014, where she supposedly confessed her wrongdoings and started making amends. This was a valiant, but superficial, attempt to come clean. If she were truly trying to come clean, she'd have been honest about who was STILL running the page. Let's take a look at the history of the page...

Marley Hall was the original owner of the page, as shown in the screenshot below.

On October 15, 2013, the page was supposedly taken over by someone named Kim.

This brings us to the January 8, 2014, post where the "owner" who now is apparently named "Jennifer Wallace" (according to her email address) is supposedly coming clean. (I guess she forgot that she told everyone in October that her name is Kim.)

Brutally honest? I don't think so! Brutally honest would be telling the complete and honest truth without deleting comments from your page when someone posts something to warn everyone such as the comment that I posted when some fans thought "Kim" was the original owner and that "Jennifer" took over for her. I took a screenshot of my comment because I figured it would be deleted. I was right ~ it was deleted and I was banned.

As I had stated in my comment on the BBFB page, there was a second page owned by Marley. That page is/was I love being a Mommy. "Jennifer" supposedly also took over this page as well. There were slight differences, however. Although Kim/Jennifer took over BBFB on October 15, 2013, Marley was still posting in I love being a Mommy as late as November 23, 2013.

There was no announcement that the page was being taken over by someone new. The first mention of "Jennifer" was in the January 2, 2014, Contest Rules note post. The post and an excerpt of the note are shown below.

Why would it be announced on one page that it was being taken over by someone new, but not announced on another? Could it be because only one of those two pages owed money to people? Hmmm? Sure sounds that way to me! Yes, Marley/Kim/Jennifer has started refunding the people to whom she owed money because she had scammed them. I applaud her for that. Stop hiding behind this facade to do it, though. If you're going to come clean, just do it! Tell everyone that it's Marley ~ you screwed up royally ~ you're sorry (if you truly are) ~ and that you are making amends (as you have been trying to do by giving out refunds). Stop deleting comments by people who blast you or try to warn others (unless they are using profanity). Facebook shows how many comments were made and when that number doesn't match the number of comments that comes up, it tells everyone that you were deleting comments ~ huge red flag! You goofed in a major way ~ just because you don't like what someone says doesn't mean you should delete their comments and/or ban them. You only make yourself look guiltier when you do so.

My best advice to anyone who is owed money by BellaBug Flowers and Bows is to get your refund, unlike the page, and then steer clear of that page as well as the I love being a Mommy page and the owner Marley Hall.

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