Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Model Page Ignores Child Safety Issue

Child safety should be first and foremost in the minds of all of those out there who have these "model" pages. This would include banning someone from the page who is living with a registered child sex offender or at the least, not allowing that person's boutique/business to book child models!

Unfortunately, Princess & Frog Models, ran by Petit Bowtique, doesn't subscribe to that level of security for the models they are signing up. They have allowed My Cute Bows and More Boutique to book some of their models. My Cute Bows and More Boutique is ran by Mary-Ellen Brown whose boyfriend, Robert Charboneau (or husband, as of the latest news report), is a convicted child sex offender.

Princess & Frog Models was warned about this. In fact, I made a post on their wall. The owner commented that she already knew and it was addressed the day before. She asked me not to post on the wall about things like that but instead to message her. I deleted my post since she apparently doesn't wish to protect those on her page. I decided to make this post, however, and hope that it will get out there to the right people and some on her page will find out about it and share it with the others.

Update 9/8/13:  At some point between 9/3 and 9/6, Princess & Frog Models decided to remove and ban Mary-Ellen Brown (according to the owner in a message to me, it happened the day prior to me posting on their page). Of course, on the PFM page, those of us concerned about the issue have been referred to as "Scammers and drama queens." In the message I received from the owner of PFM, I was also told that I was wrong for telling who one of the owners was. It clearly states on the PFM page that Petit Bowtique is one of the owners. I didn't give out any info that isn't readily available on the page already. I could have most likely dug a little further and found the name she messaged me with and given that name, but did I? No! (That only happens if you go on one of the lists.)

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