Monday, April 22, 2013

Most Recent Additions to the Blog Lists

Here are the most recent additions to each of the lists.

Fake Fans List
1. Bridget Michell
2. Adalyn Hamm
3. Addy Layne
4. Landyn Cole
5. Lili Kate
6. Teresa Diane
#1-6 are different profiles for the same person proven by IP address. I listed them under Bridget Michell.
7. Dia Cook
8. Chelsey Hunter
9. Janessa Addison
#7-9 are different profiles for the same person proven by IP address. I listed them under Dia Cook.

Disappointing Vendor List
1. Charlie's Halo
2. Danielle Joy Designs - owner Danielle Fitzgerald - her Website, Pinterest, and Twitter

Bad Vendor List
1. Big Mama's Hair Ties - owner Leslie Anne (Rice) - who also has the website Big Mama's Hair Ties and more and Etsy shop BigMamasHairTies
2. Forever Memories by Savannah - owner Savannah Steele
3. Lucy Mullins - co-owner of OhMy Glitzness - *failed to complete a high dollar trade transaction*

Beware List
(full explanation on the list entry)
1. Pretty Girl Boutique - owner Shannon Marie
2. Tally Waggs - owner Katye Mlissa Stilen

Bad Buyers List
1. April Diane (April Coleman)
2. Tiffany Crapsey (new profile) and Tiffany Crapsey (main profile)

Vendors/Pages Requesting Payments to Be Gifted
1. (JBLM) Joint Base Lewis-McChord Families for Business Advertisment - "first offense"
2. Play it Forward with Super Lotion (group) - admin Sandy Hill Amrein - also has the page Super Lotion and the website - "first offense"

Vendors/Pages Charging Paypal Fees
1. Eden's Kloset Consignment - Eden Posh Couture Children's Boutique - "first offense"

Updates to Some Already on the Lists
1. Handmade by the love of Design on the Beware and Imitation lists (yes, Heather Vonhagen again) - updated to add Katelyn Miller and Katelyn Miller (2nd profile), pages Katelyn's Kool Caps and Kool Caps by Katelyn. Already has a request from Felicia Di Muro to remove her images from the Katelyn's Kool Caps page (page is only 9 days old)! Yes, she is ALREADY stealing images on the new pages!
2. Tutu Shack entry on the Imitation list - updated to also include stealing images from "the Hair Bow Company" and using them as her own!

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