Monday, January 28, 2013

Latest Additions to the Blog Lists

Here are the most recent additions to the blog lists.

Fake Fans List
1. Andrea Howard aka Andrea Liss
2. Brad Howard and Brad Howard (2nd profile)
3. Rochelle Haynes and Rochelle Haynes (2nd profile)

Disappointing Vendor List
1. Mommy's Little Diva - owner Beth Torquato - also Etsy shop
2. On the BrokMom entry, Bizzy Monograms was added, as she has recently opened that page

Bad Vendor List
1. Beary Sweet Beads - owner Jackie Burman Keyser - on Pinterest - also has Beary Sweet Beads shops on Craft Cafe (currently closed), on Luulla (not yet open), and on Big Cartel (no product available yet)

Beware List
(full explanation on the list)
1. Ann Hicks

Imitation List
(full explanation on the list)
1. Tee's Boutique - was under the ownership of Jamie Ward (it just reopened under "new management" on 1/24 with the same name and URL - everything else was reset) - Jamie now has B & K Boutique

Bad Buyers List
1. Ann Hicks

There are still complaints that are in review, so there may be more additions later this week.

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