Monday, December 10, 2012

Good Page Gone Bad

I've always said that you can't trust anyone. Even the best of pages or vendors can go bad at any given time, depending on circumstances. Smock-A-Palooza is a prime example of this. With over 24k fans, it's obvious that they were doing something right. However, in the past 6 months or so, they've taken a nose dive. Although I have had no formal complaints, I've seen some complaints about those who paid for advertising and didn't receive it (feel free to submit complaints here).

Most recently, there was a huge controversy over a $900 cash giveaway and its winner, Katelynn Fortimer.

Why would there be so much controversy over a giveaway? Well, in the case of this giveaway, the winner created her profile the day before the giveaway ended (November 30). Once the winner was announced, she never came back to thank the page for winning the money (what kind of person doesn't thank people when winning $900??). The winner's name reminded fans of one of SAP's owners/admins (Katee). 

Fans started raising concerns and more info came out about this Katelynn who SAP announced as "Katelyn Fortimer". Katelynn is supposedly from Tennessee and supposedly lives in Mississippi. However, her profile picture is one of a girl scout troop from Arizona that she stole off the net. Also, her profile says she's a manager at Kroger. When you mouse over the Kroger, it's Kroger in Cincinnati, Ohio!! She wasn't very careful when making her profile! SAP ignored their fans' concerns for many days. They were posting quite often each day but weren't responding to the concerns of their fans at all except for the very first post from Sarah Lynn, whom they asked to email them. They didn't respond again until Saturday. Unfortunately, I was at work and no one I know got a screen shot of their response. They emailed several people, including me. Then they banned quite a few of their fans who raised concerns! They did say the money was sent to the winner's email via Paypal and gave the email address. I do not know if the email address was given on the thread or if it was in someone's email. However, that email address was searched by a fan and unable to be found, so they figured it was a fake email address. The fan told me about it and I asked them to forward the email address to me, which they did. I sent a test email to the address ~ it's definitely a fake! There's no way that the $900 was sent by SAP to that email address via Paypal! It would have bounced back! Check out the screen shots below for the winner announcement thread, the mouse over of Katelynn's job, and the test email to "Katelynn's" email address.

As I stated, on Saturday, December 8, SAP responded to the thread and emailed some of those who had commented on the thread, including me. Below is our email conversation.

If you read the above email, then you noticed that it said I was researching another giveaway they had where this same thing happened. Yes, you read it correctly! In August, SAP had a $150 cash giveaway. The winner was Lorie Anne Harpson. She created her profile on the last day of the giveaway (August 21) and never came back to SAP's page to say thank you for winning the cash. Funny how that happens twice in less than 6 months, isn't it??

At one time, Smock-A-Palooza was a good page. I can say that with all honesty. Lately, however, they have spiraled out of control in a direction I wouldn't want to go. They are now a cautionary tale. They are deleting posts and banning fans who question the legitimacy of an obvious fake winner. Due to all the evidence collected, SAP is being placed on the Beware list immediately. My advice to everyone would be to steer clear and do NOT turn over money to them ~ for giveaways or anything.

12/10/12 @ 12:33 PM

I just received a screen shot from a fan of the $900 transaction to "Katelynn" (not sure how well you can see it because it was a very small file when she received it from SAP and when she sent it to me). Apparently, the email was created and then shut down right after being "claimed." This screen shot raises a whole new issue now. The winner was supposed to receive $900, correct? Well, the screen shot clearly shows $30 was taken out for Paypal fees, so the winner would have only received $870 and still not a single mention of it on SAP's page. No "thank you", no "thank you, but did you realize only $870 came through?", nada. 

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