Friday, September 28, 2012

Haters and their drama

I find it amusing that when people get listed on here that, rather than accepting that they made a mistake and moving on, they have fits and create drama over it. They start going report crazy on Facebook. They think that if they do that I will remove them. Sorry, but it doesn't work that way! My rules are pretty clearly stated. If you are on the DV or BV list, rectify the situation with the complaint(s) to be removed. If Paypal was forced to make a decision, you're not being removed from the BV list, so give up ~ sorry. Those on the Beware and Imitation list aren't coming off the lists except in very rare occasion either ~ deal with it. As for those who end up in a blog post itself due to a fan submission, you're NOT being placed on a blog list so quit your whining! You've either been charging Paypal fees separately or asking people to send payments via GIFT, both of which are against Paypal's User Agreement. I'm listing you in a blog post if a fan submits a screen shot of it, so deal with it! I will NOT remove it even after you have corrected it. Move on! Learn what is in your Paypal User Agreement before you agree to it and stop trying to avoid fees that you are supposed to be paying! If you want to be a business person online, then learn that you have certain fees you have to pay to be one!

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