Friday, October 25, 2013

Latest Additions to the Blog Lists

Here are the most recent additions to the lists. As always, if it says "full explanation on the list entry" in parentheses, you will need to go to the list and read the entry to find out more. Don't comment on my page to ask why they are listed if you won't go read the entry. Thank you!

Fake Fans List
1. Katie Leedy
    Katie Leedy
2. Ashley Pate
    Ashlyn Freeman
    Brian Freeman
    Kaydence Freeman

Disappointing Vendor List
1. Stitch n dream

Bad Vendor List
1. Heavenly Made With Love - owner Danielle Davidson (profile 1), Danielle Davidson (profile 2), aka Dani Brown (Dani Love) (profile 3), Dani Brown (Dani Love) (profile 4), and Danielle Brown (profile 5) - also owns All That Glitters Graphics and the etsy shop The Shabby Kitty
2. Little Binky Boo - owner Maria Isaacs
3. Lulu's Bags - owner Amber Jacobs - also runs LuLu's Bags N More (business page set as a personal profile)

Beware List
(full explanation on the list entry)
1. Gera's Pretties (closed group) - co-admin Amanda Jones (Amanda Jackson)
2. Grace Lynn Boutique - owner Kelly Hein - also has an Avon page and a Scentsy Independent Consultant page
3. KSMonkeys - owner Amber Purkeypile Melzer
4. Lorelei Church - owns Loreleis Charms and Laura Charms
5. Olivia Lee Willoughby - owns Little Lambs Crochet Gifts and Props and Olivia's Crochet

Updates to Some Already on the Lists
1. Buttons n Bows (on Imitation list): Buttons n Bows Hair Factory added
2. Country Couture & Bling (on Bad Vendors list): Removed
3. Crochet Magic By Laurie (on Bad Vendors list): Laurie L Sazueta (Martzen) profile added
4. Dana McCurdy (on Beware list): link to her name added
5. Danielle Cloyd (on Beware list): Little Ducks Boutique, Little Ducks, LilyBean & Baxter, Jewelry in Candles, Pinterest, and Twitter added
6. Divas Ribbons (on Bad Vendors list): Valerie Barger owner profile updated to her Valerie Barger (SouthernCharm) profile since the old profile has disappeared. Also, "**see Beware list entry under Divas Ribbons for full list of associated pages/profiles" added
7. Divas Ribbons (on Beware list): Valerie Barger (SouthernCharm) (profile 2/new profile) and closed group Crafty Ladybugs Co-Op added
8. Gigi's Treasures - owner Taisha Hernandez (on Imitation list): list of last names she uses added
9. I Am A Mother To An Angel - owner Kerin Lee (on BV list): Removed
10. Sew DarnCute (on Bad Vendors list): Removed
11. Stacey Rothman (on Vendors/Pages Requesting Payments to Be Gifted list): Removed
12. Stacey Rothman (on Vendors/Pages Charging Paypal Fees list): Removed
13. Teresa Diane (on Fake Fans list): Teresa Diane changed to Teresa Daine Null
14. Yvette Newman (on Beware list): group PRESS YOUR LUCK added

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